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Harmonic Software Launches O-Matrix Version 6

Scientific and technical computing software vendor Harmonic Software recently announced the launch of O-Matrix Version 6. The new release expands statistics capabilities and greatly enhances the execution, performance, and speed of O-Matrix. Harmonic has added functions that generate descriptive statistics, random numbers, probability densities, and cumulative distribution data.

O-Matrix performance now exceeds typical interactive math environments and approaches the performance of applications implemented in traditional compiled languages such as C++ and Fortran. Authors of computationally intensive applications can now implement their solutions directly using Harmonic's matrix language. Bench-marks for many of O-Matrix Version 6's statistics functions are available at

Complete product details are available at

Solid Information Technology Releases New Version of solidDB

Solid Information Technology, a purveyor of database management solutions, has released a new version of its fast, affordable compact database, solidDB, for the Sun Netra High-Availability Suite. For engineers developing software in Matlab, C, C++, or other scripting languages, the new, integrated database supports the testing of all software in a single environment.


Figure    O-Matrix Version 6 generates 3D statistical visualizations.

The new solidDB is specifically designed to be managed by Netra HA without reconfiguration and offers both in-memory and disk-based databases with subsecond failover capabilities.

Included with every copy of Sun Microsystems' Netra HA Suite, solidDB is downloadable from Sun's Web site at

To learn more about Solid products, see

FrameFree Technologies Releases FrameFree Studio

FrameFree Technologies, developers of products that support the easy authoring and compression of motion imagery, has released FrameFree Studio, a digital-imaging software package that allows for the creation of movies from still photographs without a steep learning curve or compromising quality at limited bandwidths.

FrameFree Studio users also have access to the FrameFree United Networks. FUN is a global content delivery system that aggregates original digital content for efficient, worldwide distribution. FUN gives artists and publishers complete control over delivery, tracking, and syndication of their work by providing a secure, global, 19,000-edge server network.

FrameFree Studio HD and FrameFree Studio SD are versions designed for TV, film, and Web content producers who want to create motion graphics in high-definition and standard-definition media. FrameFree Studio HD offers up to 10 layers of .avi, .bmp, and .tif output at resolutions up to 4,096 × 4,096 pixels, while FrameFree Studio SD offers up to 10 layers of identical frame-by-frame output in standard-definition NTSC and PAL broadcast resolutions.

Visit for full product details.

Macraigor Systems Introduces Linux-Compatible OCDemon Debugger

Macraigor Systems has ported its proprietary on-chip debug technology, OCDemon, to the Linux platform using the newly introduced usb2Demon and debug interface. This new port gives engineers who prefer developing on a Linux host platform the high speed and flexibility of using the usb2Demon to quickly debug, test, and program the target system. The OCDemon product technology provides a low-cost, full-featured connection from a PC to the on-chip debug facilities of 32- and 64-bit processors, providing host support for both Windows and Linux systems.

Macraigor also offers several GNU toolsets as free downloads from its Web site. Fully installable versions of the GNU toolsets for both the Windows and Linux platforms are available with demonstration programs. These quick-start programs let end users be up and running minutes after installing. Macraigor also provides Flash programming software that allows in-circuit programming of Flash Eeprom memory devices via a JTAG connection.

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