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O&O Releases DiskRecovery v4.0 File Recovery System

O&O DiskRecovery v4.0, from O&O Software in Berlin, Germany, can now recognize and recover more than 350 different types of digital files. In addition, a new built-in preview function for image and text files lets users examine files before recovery. The DiskRecovery tool can rescue data, even when directory and structural information have been damaged or deleted, by finding any damaged files and then attempting to reconstruct them in a valid format.

Several methods can be used to scan disks. The DeepScan setting uses an extremely fine scan resolution, detecting even the smallest of files, while SmartScan ignores existing files, picking up only files that have been deleted. Alternatively, the RawScan method scans without any regard to an existing file system. O&O DiskRecovery v4.0 also includes an integrated repair function for damaged Microsoft Office documents as well as a version of O&O's InstantDiskRecovery that is bootable from the product CD.

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Aberdeen Server Boasts Dual-Core Pentium D Power

Custom server supplier Aberdeen and motherboard manufacturer Supermicro Computer have joined to launch a new addition to Aberdeen's family of high-performance servers.

The dual-core Intel Pentium D-based Stirling 114 1U rackmount server, currently shipping worldwide, is offered either as a Stirling 114S, which is a U320 SCSI model, or as a Stirling 114T with SATA II 3Gbps capability. The Stirling 114 server provides up to two terabytes of free storage and offers a 400W redundant power supply.

Based on the Intel E7230 (Mukilteo) chipset, these new Pentium D 1U and 2U rackmount servers achieve high performance levels while still offering the availability, compatibility, and scalability previously available via multi-processor solutions.

The Stirling 114 will support up to a 1,066-MHz front-side bus, 8 Gbytes of DDR2 memory, a PCI-X expansion slot, dual-gigabit Ethernet adapters, and four hot-swappable SATA or SCSI hard drives.

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Hummingbird Launches File System Server

Hummingbird, a purveyor of enterprise content management and network connectivity software, recently announced the IPv6-compatible Hummingbird Network File System Maestro Server 2006 Enterprise Edition.

The new Maestro server package supports NFS versions 2, 3, and 4, including support for the GSSAPI framework. The NFS protocol is native to such platforms as Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, and Linux and commonly forms the foundation for storage infrastructures in Unix and Windows environments.

The new 2006 release includes a PC network file system daemon (v1.0) for client user authentication and supports Microsoft's Volume Shadow Copy Service, as well as an unlimited number of clients and exported file systems.

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VisiQuest 4.1 Integrates Matlab Files

VisiQuest 4.1, by AccuSoft, employs visual hierarchy, iteration, flow control, and expression-based parameters to extend the visual programming environment into a powerful simulation and prototyping system.

Engineers and researchers can now use Matlab M-files in the VisiQuest visual programming environment. In addition to providing Matlab users with a simple way to perform dynamic rapid prototyping, the integration lets colleagues share code and collaborate on research projects without having to write a user interface.

For engineers developing software in Matlab, C, C++, or other scripting languages, the new integrated solution permits the testing of all software in a single environment. All versions of VisiQuest provide automatic data conversion, file-format conversion, and support for both large data sets and multidimensional data.

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Figure    O&O file recovery system recognizes 350 file types.

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