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Endforce Informant Provides Broad System Surveillance

Targeting the burgeoning IT security market, Endforce has introduced Informant, a solution for managing rogue end points, which include users who know how to bypass security enforcement mechanisms. Informant silently monitors a network to detect and alert administrators when unknown end points connect to the network.


Figure    Endforce Informant identifies rogue endpoints.

Informant employs distributed software monitors to provide broad overlapping surveillance. A server-based correlation engine accepts information only from authorized monitors, which sit passively on the network so rogue end points cannot evade detection. An intelligent correlator processes the data using time-based throttling to eliminate alert flooding. A central Web interface also allows administrators to selectively exempt endpoints by MAC address, prefix, or IP address, subnet, or range.

Informant is a companion product to Endforce Enterprise. Visit asp to learn more about Informant.

Converged Compression Appliance Frees Extra Bandwidth

Designed to apply compression where it brings the greatest return, the Converged Compression Appliance from Converged Access optimizes application performance while expanding available bandwidth by up to a factor of 10.

That extra bandwidth can enhance performance for demanding applications such as VoIP. For example, internal performance testing by Converged Access demonstrated that toll-quality VoIP (as measured by a PESQ score of 3.0) was achieved for 24 G.729 SIP voice calls, even with multiple FTP downloads in progress.

Converged Access offers four CCA models, with throughput capacity ranging from 514 Kbps to 100 Mbps. The top-of-the-line CCA12100 model also offers a hot standby backup power supply and a redundant power cable. For full product details, visit

Virtio Announces VPMM-SC Virtual Platform for MIPS32 34K Technology

Virtio recently released its latest product to support the newly introduced multithreading MIPS32 34K core family. The VPMM-SC Virtual Platform allows software developers to reconfigure the MIPS32 34K core in a variety of different multithreading configurations and evaluate system impact by providing detailed internal core statistics.

The VPMM-SC Virtual Platform uses a combination of C code, graphical modeling, and transaction-based modeling to replicate the full functionality of MIPS Technologies' Malta development board in a PC-based simulation. It supports the MIPS32 4KE, 24K, and 34K core family members and offers a choice of instructionaccurate and cycle-accurate CPU models. Unlike a hardware-based tool, developers can use the VPMMSC to control the behavior of all processors simultaneously through activities such as setting breakpoints in one processor to halt the execution of the entire system.

Additional product information is available at

Free Entry-Level Database from Oracle

Oracle's entry-level version of its Oracle Database 10g product is simple to administer and free to develop, deploy, and distribute. Oracle designed its Database XE for developers working on PHP, Java, .NET, and open source applications. Database administrators, independent software and hardware vendors, educational institutions, and students looking for a free starter database may also find it useful.

Available on 32-bit Linux and Windows platforms, the product can be installed on any size host machine. Oracle Database XE supports up to 4 gigabytes of user data and runs on a single processor, using up to 1 gigabyte of memory. It is fully upgradable to other Oracle Database 10g editions.

Visit to download a beta release of Oracle Database XE.

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