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Calls for IEEE CS Publications

Computing in Science & Engineering is seeking submissions for a special July 2006 issue on anatomic rendering and visualization. The special issue will bring together different research and applications in processing and visualizing anatomic data to foster insight into this fast-growing community. Guest editors are Jim Chen,, and Tianyu Zhang,

Complete author instructions are available at Submissions are due by 15 March.

IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications magazine plans a January/February 2007 special issue on sketching . CG&A seeks papers on topics that include novel and multimodal input technologies, gestural techniques, handling ambiguities, and case studies of working systems.

CG&A bridges the theory and practice of computer graphics. From specific algorithms to full system implementations, CG&A offers a unique combination of peer-reviewed feature articles and informal departments. Complete author instructions are available at

Submissions are due by 7 May. View the complete call for papers at

Other Calls

EBTW 2006, IEEE 2nd European Board Test Workshop, 24-25 May, Southampton, UK. Submissions due 25 February.

IMSTW 2006, 12th IEEE Int'l Mixed-Signals Testing Workshop, 21-23 June, Edinburgh. Submissions due 27 February.

ATS 2006, 15th Asian Test Symp., 20-23 Nov., Fukuoka, Japan. Submissions due 1 May.


March 2006

2-3 Mar: ISVLSI 2006, IEEE Computer Society Ann. Symp. on VLSI, Karlsruhe, Germany.

4-5 Mar: SLIP 2006, Int'l Workshop on System-Level Interconnect Prediction (with DATE), Munich.

6-10 Mar: DATE 2006, Design, Automation & Test in Europe, Munich.

8-11 Mar: AICCSA 2006, 4th ACS/IEEE Int'l Conf. on Computer Systems & Applications, Dubai and Sharjah, UAE.

13-15 Mar: ASYNC 2006, 12th IEEE Int'l Symp. on Asynchronous Circuits & Systems, Grenoble, France.

13-15 Mar: ISSSE 2006, IEEE Int'l Symp. on Secure Software Eng., Washington, D.C.

13-17 Mar: PERCOM 2006, 4th Ann. IEEE Int'l Conf. on Pervasive Computing & Comm., Pisa, Italy.

19-21 Mar: ISPASS 2006, IEEE Int'l Symp. on Performance Analysis of Systems & Software, Austin, Texas.

25-29 Mar: IEEE VR 2006, IEEE Virtual Reality Conf., Alexandria, Va.

26-28 Mar: SSIAI 2006, IEEE Southwest Symp. on Image Analysis & Interpretation, Denver.

26-29 Mar: CGO 2006, 4th Ann. Int'l Symp. on Code Generation & Optimization, New York.

26-29 Mar: LATW 2006, 7th IEEE Latin American Test Workshop, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

27-28 Mar: PRIWEC 2006, Pacific Rim Int'l Workshop on Electronic Commerce, Tokyo.

27-30 Mar: ECBS 2006, 13th Ann. IEEE Int'l Conf. & Workshop on the Eng. of Computer-Based Systems, Potsdam, Germany.

April 2006


3-7 Apr: ICDE 2006, 22nd Int'l Conf. on Data Eng., Atlanta.

4-7 Apr: RTAS 2006, 12th IEEE Real-Time & Embedded Technology & Applications Symp., San Jose, Calif.

6-7 Apr: WMCSA 2006, 7th IEEE Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems & Applications, Blaine, Wash.

8 Apr: STD3S, Int'l Workshop on Security & Trust in Decentralized/Distributed Data Structures (with ICDE), Atlanta.

10-12 Apr: IPCCC 2006, 25th IEEE Int'l Performance Computing & Comm. Conf., Phoenix.

11-12 Apr: SELSE 2006, 2nd Workshop on System Effects of Logic Soft Errors, Urbana-Champaign, Ill.

13-14 Apr: EDP 2006, 13th IEEE Electronic Design Processes Symp., Monterey, Calif.

13-14 Apr: IWIA 2006, 4th IEEE Int'l Information Assurance Workshop, Egham, UK.

18-20 Apr: AINA 2006, IEEE 20th Int'l Conf. on Advanced Information Networking & Applications, Vienna.

18-21 Apr: DDECS 2006, 9th Int'l Workshop on Design & Diagnostics of Electronic Circuits & Systems, Prague.

19-21 Apr: COOL Chips 2006, Cool Chips IX: IEEE Symp. on Low-Power & High-Speed Chips, Yokohama, Japan.

19-21 Apr: CSEET 2006, 19th Conf. on Software Eng. Education & Training, Kahuku, Hawaii. http://db-itm.

24-26 Apr: FCCM 2006, 14th IEEE Int'l Symp. on Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines, Napa, Calif.

24-26 Apr: ISORC 2006, 9th IEEE Int'l Symp. on Object & Component-Oriented Real-Time Distributed Computing, Gyeongju, Korea.

24-28 Apr: SASW 2006, 2nd IEEE Systems & Software Week, Columbia, Md.

25-29 Apr: IPDPS 2006, 20th IEEE Int'l Parallel & Distributed Processing Symp., Rhodes, Greece.

30 Apr: IOST 2006, Int'l IEEE Workshop on Open Source Test Technology Tools (with VTS), Berkeley, Calif.

30 Apr-4 May: VTS 2006, 24th IEEE VLSI Test Symp., Berkeley, Calif.

May 2006

8-11 May: ISEE 2006, IEEE Int'l Symp. on Electronics & the Environment, San Francisco.

9-12 May: SPI 2006, IEEE 10th Workshop on Signal Propagation on Interconnects, Berlin.

10-12 May: MDM 2006, 7th Int'l Conf. on Mobile Data Management, Nara, Japan.

10-12 May: NATW 2006, IEEE 15th North Atlantic Test Workshop, Essex Junction, Vt.

17-20 May: ISMVL 2006, 36th Int'l Symp. on Multiple-Valued Logic, Singapore.

20-28 May: ICSE 2006, 28th Int'l Conf. on Software Eng., Shanghai, China.

21-25 May: ETS 2006, 11th IEEE European Test Symp., Southampton, UK.

24-25 May: EBTW 2006, IEEE 2nd European Workshop on Board Test (with ETS), Southampton, UK.

25-28 May: AQTR 2006, Int'l Conf. on Automation, Quality & Testing, Robotics, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

June 2006

5-7 June: POLICY 2006, IEEE 7th IEEE Int'l Workshop on Policies for Distributed Systems & Networks, London, Canada.

5-7 June: SUTC 2006, IEEE Int'l Conf. on Sensor Networks, Ubiquitous, & Trustworthy Computing, Taichung, Taiwan.

11-14 June: SWTW 2006, 16th Ann. IEEE Southwest Test Workshop, San Diego.

11-15 June: JCDL 2006, IEEE/ACM Joint Conf. on Digital Libraries, Chapel Hill, N.C.

13-16 June: ICAC 2006, 3rd IEEE Int'l Conf. on Autonomic Computing, Dublin, Ireland.

17-21 June: ISCA 2006, 33rd Ann. Int'l Symp. on Computer Architecture, Boston.

17-22 June: CVPR 2006, IEEE Int'l Conf. on Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition, New York.

18-20 June: DCOSS 2006, Int'l Conf. on Distributed Computing in Sensor Systems, San Francisco.

21-23 June: IMSTW 2006, 12th IEEE Int'l Mixed-Signals Testing Workshop, Edinburgh.

22-23 June: CBMS 2006, 19th IEEE Int'l Symp. on Computer-Based Medical Systems, Salt Lake City.

25-28 June: DSN 2006, Int'l Conf. on Dependable Systems & Networks, Philadelphia.

26-29 June: CEC 2006 & EEE 2006, 8th IEEE Conf. on E-Commerce Technology and 3rd IEEE Conf. on Enterprise Computing, E-Commerce, & E-Services, San Francisco.

26-29 June: ICPS 2006, IEEE Int'l Conf. on Pervasive Services, Lyon, France.

26-29 June: ISCC 2006, 11th IEEE Symp. on Computers & Comm., Pula, Italy.

26-29 June: WoWMoM 2006, IEEE Int'l Symp. on "A World of Wireless, Mobile, & Multimedia Networks," Niagara Falls, N.Y.

July 2006

4-7 July: ICDCS 2006, 26th IEEE Int'l Conf. on Distributed Computing Systems, Lisbon, Portugal.

5-7 July: CSFW 2006, 19th IEEE Computer Security Foundations Workshop, Venice, Italy.

9-12 July: ICME 2006, IEEE Int'l Conf. on Multimedia & Expo, Toronto.

12 July: Comsar 2006, Int'l Workshop on Component-Based Software Eng., Software Architecture, & Reuse (with ICIS), Honolulu. ICIS2006/Comsar/index2.html

12-14 July: ICIS 2006, 5th IEEE/ACIS Int'l Conf. on Computer & Information Science, Honolulu. http://acis.

12-15 July: ICPADS 2006, 12th IEEE Int'l Conf. on Parallel & Distributed Systems, Minneapolis.

17-19 July: ICCI 2006, 5th IEEE Int'l Conf. on Cognitive Informatics, Beijing.

27-29 July: MemoCode 2006, 4th ACM-IEEE Int'l Conf. on Formal Methods & Programming Models for Codesign, Napa, Calif.

August 2006

27-30 Aug: ISSPIT 2006, 6th IEEE Symp. on Signal Processing & IT, Vancouver, Canada.

September 2006

4-8 Sept: VL/HCC 2006, IEEE Symp. on Visual Languages & Human-Centric Computing, Brighton, UK.

11-13 Sept: MASCOTS 2006, 14th IEEE Int'l Symp. on Modeling, Analysis, & Simulation of Computer & Telecommunication Systems, Monterey, Calif.

Call for Articles for Computer

Computer seeks articles for a special issue on advances in unmanned ground vehicles, to appear in December 2006. Guest editors are Guna Seetharaman from the US Air Force Institute of Technology, Arun Lakhotia from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and Erik Blasch of the US Air Force Research Laboratory Sensors Directorate at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

In 2003, the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency challenged scientists, technologists, and innovators around the world to build fully autonomous unmanned ground vehicles that can conquer a 130-mile course through the rough on- and off-road terrain of the Mojave Desert. The field is developing so rapidly that although the best effort in 2004 traveled a mere 7.4 miles, five entries completed the entire course in 2005.

Building large, complex systems to stringent specifications under tight deadlines is a serious undertaking. The innovations and advances that followed the DARPA Grand Challenge can be compared to the strides made by extreme programming in software engineering. In both cases, teams with a wide range of academic, technical, and managerial expertise developed outstanding, innovative solutions to long-standing challenges.

Computer's special issue will be devoted to bringing together computer scientists, computer engineers, technology integrators, technology managers, and entrepreneurs to address fundamental issues in designing fully autonomous mobile robots and propose ways to apply them to improve the quality of human life.

Articles on all aspects of mobile robotics will be given due consideration. The issue will feature a historical review of the field as well as speculation on the future of mobile robotics. Computer encourages review articles on state-of-the-art analysis of experience in systems integration, technology development, and futuristic applications pertaining to autonomous mobile robots. Other topics of interest include recent developments in other computing disciplines that will have significant impact on how mobile robots will be deployed in urban settings.

The deadline for papers is 15 April 2006. Author guidelines and submission instructions are available at

Send inquiries to the guest editors at,, or

Events in 2006


2-3 ISVLSI 2006

4-5 SLIP 2006

6-10 DATE 2006

8-11 AICCSA 2006

13-15 ASYNC 2006

13-15 ISSSE 2006

13-17 PERCOM 2006

25-29 IEEE VR 2006

26-28 SSIAI 2006

26-29 CGO 2006

26-29 LATW 2006

27-28 PRIWEC 2006

27-30 ECBS 2006


3-7 ICDE 2006

3 WIRI 2006

4-7 RTAS 2006

6-7 WMCSA 2006


13-14 IWIA 2006

18-20 AINA 2006

18-21 DDECS 2006

19-21 COOL Chips IX

19-21 CSEET 2006

24-26 FCCM 2006

24-26 ISORC 2006

24-28 SASW 2006

25-29 IPDPS 2006

30 IOST 2006

30 Apr.-4 May VTS 2006


8-11 ISEE 2006

9-12 SPI 2006

10-12 MDM 2006

10-12 NATW 2006

17-20 AQTR 2006

17-20 ISMVL 2006

20-28 ICSE 2006

21-25 ETS 2006

24-25 EBTW 2006

Submission Instructions

The Call and Calendar section lists conferences, symposia, and workshops that the IEEE Computer Society sponsors or cooperates in presenting.

Visit for instructions on how to submit conference or call listings, as well as a more complete listing of upcoming computer-related conferences.

2006 Cluster Computing and the Grid Conference

CCGrid 2006 is the sixth in a series of international conferences that are dedicated to addressing the challenges associated with the convergence of Web services and grid technology.

A primary goal of grid technology applications is to offer effective "computing on tap," which depends heavily on collaborative sharing strategies. CCGrid 2006 emphasizes collaboration, providing researchers and practitioners with an excellent opportunity to share cutting-edge research results in grid technology.

A full schedule of events includes workshops and presentations on topics including the Web Services Flow Language, resource exchange architectures, middleware for clusters and grids, and peer-to-peer computing.

Organizers of CCGrid 2006, to be held in Singapore from 16-19 May, have solicited proposals for in-depth tutorials on topics of interest to practitioners, researchers, and students of grid computing.

For further conference details, visit

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