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Intel-Based BlackBerry Smartphone

Research in Motion has unveiled the BlackBerry 8700c, an Intel-based smartphone designed to operate on the latest high-speed wireless networks. The device features a powerful 312-MHz Intel PXA901 processor with 64 Mbytes of flash memory and 16 Mbytes of SRAM, delivering a dynamic, highly responsive experience while running a full suite of applications including e-mail, Web browsing, MMS, SMS, and wireless data access.

The BlackBerry 8700c provides loud, clear phone calls with call management features including conference calling, speed dialing, and call forwarding; a built-in speakerphone and microphone; polyphonic and MP3 ring tones; and Bluetooth hands-free headset and car kit support. Quad-band GSM/GPRS and EDGE network support allow international roaming.

The product includes a bright, high-resolution QVGA color LCD screen that automatically adjusts lighting levels for indoor and outdoor viewing, a thumb-operated trackwheel for quick navigation, and a 35-key QWERTY keyboard for fast two-handed thumb typing along with dedicated send, end, and mute keys plus user-definable convenience keys. The battery provides up to four hours talk time and 16 days standby.

The device works with the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution to provide wirelessly enabled data applications such as sales force automation and systems management, advanced security features, and enterprise-grade functionality including single mailbox integration and remote address book lookup.

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Figure    The BlackBerry 8700c integrates advanced hardware, software, and network technologies with a full QWERTY keyboard.

Adaptive Technology Suite for Software Developers

Recursion Software Inc.'s Adaptive Technology Suite is designed to address several key issues faced by software developers. These include moving massive amounts of data between servers and clients at high speed, making established back-end systems work with new desktop environments, building a framework that eases integration at the network edges, and leveraging multilanguage in-house applications while integrating new third-party applications.

The suite includes Cinergi, a multilanguage applications-integration platform that supports software reuse and promotes interoperability and loose coupling among applications and processes; Voyager, a framework for developing distributed Java applications; and C++, C#, and JGL toolkits, prewritten sets of code and class libraries to save time when building or modifying applications.

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Qualcomm Introduces Power Management IC

A new power management integrated circuit from Qualcomm Inc. is designed to support advanced wireless and multimedia capabilities on next-generation mobile handsets. When interfaced with the company's Convergence Platform Mobile Station Modem chipsets and radioOne RF devices, the PM7500 IC provides a complete system solution with seamless operation and optimized power consumption.

The new IC integrates a TV-out amplifier, camera flash support, a full charging system, backlighting, a USB On-the-Go transceiver, stereo far-field speaker amplification, and other capabilities in a compact 9 × 9 mm package that reduces bill-of-material costs and decreases time to market. Independently controllable buck regulators are specifically designed to support the multiple power regimes of Convergence Platform MSM solutions, while an additional 21 programmable regulators support the chipset's other functions.

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IEEE802.11g Router Increases Speed and Range

Linksys's WRT54GX2 Wireless-G Broadband Router with SRX (Speed Range eXpansion) combines multiple-input, multiple-output technology with Wireless G (IEEE 802.11g) networking to increase both speed and range in home and office networks at an affordable cost. The company claims that the product is up to eight times faster than standard Wireless G and that, by exploiting signal reflections, increases range by up to three times as well as reduces dead spots in the coverage area.

The router shares a single high-speed cable or DSL Internet connection and other network resources with Ethernet wired, standard Wireless G, Wireless B (IEEE 802.11b), and other SRX devices. To help protect data and privacy, it features WEP encryption, an SPI firewall to protect all wired and wireless PCs against intruders and most known Internet attacks, and VPN pass-through support. The device also includes a simple Web-browser-based configuration utility.

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