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Metadot Offers Keyboard for "Übergeeks"

Designed for elite programmers and hard-core gamers, Metadot Corp.'s Das Keyboard features all blank keys mounted on precision switches. The company claims that the product, by forcing users to stop looking down as they work and memorize key positions, increases typing speed and accuracy. Also, unlike standard keyboards that require the same amount of force to press each button, Das Keyboard's keys are individually weighted to correspond to the strength of different fingers, resulting in less stress on the user's hands.

Das Keyboard supports all modern operating systems including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X;

Graphic: Featuring all blank, precisely tuned keys, Metadot's Das Keyboard is designed to increase typing speed and accuracy.

Figure    Featuring all blank, precisely tuned keys, Metadot's Das Keyboard is designed to increase typing speed and accuracy.

Integrated IM Security and Management Solution

Akonix Systems' new L7 CM5000 Appliance provides enterprises with an all-in-one solution for instant messaging security and management. It integrates the features of Akonix L7 Enterprise and Akonix L7 Enforcer software on a 1U rack-mountable server with an Intel Pentium 4 processor, 1 Gbyte of memory, and a redundant hard drive, and it is preconfigured for instant deployment.

Akonix L7 Enterprise logs, archives, and reports on all public and enterprise IM activity; blocks or allows file transfers, games, videoconferencing, and other IM features; protects against IM-borne worms, viruses, and other attacks; enforces real-time content filtering; blocks spam-over-IM through auto policies and blacklists; dynamically updates IM protocols; integrates with leading e-mail and content archiving systems; and scales to support 50,000 concurrent users.

Akonix L7 Enforcer blocks unauthorized access to public IM networks as well as peer-to-peer file-sharing applications such as BitTorrent, Kazaa, and LimeWire; logs and reports on IM and P2P activity by user and protocol; prioritizes policies through hierarchical control lists; supports segmented networks through VLAN and multiple NIC support; dynamically updates P2P and IM protocol adapters; and passively monitors network traffic without impacting performance or reliability.

Additional information is available at

Desktop Search for Small and Midsize Businesses

X1 Technologies has released a version of its X1 Desktop Search Platform that targets small- and medium-size businesses. X1 Workgroup Edition uses the same search technology as the company's Enterprise Edition but is scaled for smaller servers.

Key features include an intuitive "search, preview, and act" interface; integrated user and corporate-managed search of current and archived data; mobile information search; expanded connection to workgroup content, including 370 file formats and the most commonly used e-mail managers; centralized server indexing for efficient, shared search and document access by local or browser-based clients; easy customization and deployment; and enterprise-level network security.

X1 Workgroup Edition is available for single-server installations of less than 200 seats, with no limit on the number of documents indexed;

Extreme Networks Unveils WLAN Switches

Summit Wireless Mobility switches from Extreme Networks can scale to support the largest WLAN installations while providing centralized management for remote branch office installations.

Summit WM series switches deliver voice-grade performance—users can quickly roam from one AP to another without experiencing echoes or dropped connections—as well as end-to-end QoS. Redundant power supplies ensure mission-critical high avail- ability. Comprehensive link-security capabilities leverage existing directory resources to streamline user access management, while the product's Spy capability detects rogue APs and P2P wireless networks.

The four-port Fast Ethernet WM100 supports up to 50 APs; the two-port Gigabit Ethernet WM1000 supports up to 200 APs and includes AutoCell as a standard feature.

Additional information is available at

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