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Rugged Mobile RFID Reader for Worldwide Use

Intermec Technologies Corp.'s IP4 Intellitag is a portable RFID reader that attaches to the company's 700 Color series mobile computers. Optimized for exception-based scanning in retail operations, industrial manufacturing, and logistics applications, the product combines the power of a handheld computing device equipped with Bluetooth, WLAN, and WWAN radios with the flexibility of a multiprotocol RFID radio.


Figure    Intermec's IP4 Intellitag combines the power of a handheld mobile computing device equipped with PAN, LAN, and WAN radios with the flexibility of a multiprotocol RFID radio.

The IP4 supports current ISO 18000-6b and EPC Class 1 Gen 1 standards as well as forthcoming EPC UHF Gen 2 and ISO 18000-6c standards. Users can easily update data such as origin, destination, "use by" date, warranty, and service history on the tag without leaving their workstation. The integrated circular polarized antenna reads tags in any orientation, while an optional linear antenna maximizes read range. The snap-on, high-impact reader comes packaged with its own rechargeable battery pack for a full shift's worth of work.

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Quad-Processor Resource Blade for Packet-Based Systems

The IPnexus CPC714 from Performance Technologies is a quad-processor resource blade designed for demanding packet-based networking, telecommunications, network management, and data/process control applications. Each of the four 800-MHz 440GX PowerPC processors feature 512 Mbytes of memory, an L1/L2 cache, and dual Gigabit interfaces with built-in TCP/IP acceleration. The onboard switched architecture can be applied as a parallel processing compute blade, a cluster of compute elements integrated on a single blade, or an array of processors across multiple blades in a system.

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Universal SSL VPN Appliance Adds Granular Access Control

Citrix Systems has released Access Gateway 4.0, a universal SSL VPN appliance that offers the secure access benefits of both IPSec- and SSL-based VPNs without the cost and complexity of either solution. With the new Advanced Access Control option, IT administrators can define what users can view, edit, print, save, and so on based on their role, location, device type, and connection.

Access Gateway 4.0 provides a single, secure, always-on point of entry to the enterprise. Key features include universal access to all applications and protocols, including IP telephony, from any device; a seamless desktop-like user experience; integrated end-point scanning; and fast and easy deployment and management.

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Videoconferencing with 24/7 Global Access

The StarBak VCG (Video Conference to Streaming Gateway), from StarBak Communications, extends a company's reach to virtually anyone with a Web-enabled PC. The device lets you record a videoconference and stream it live in Windows Media and QuickTime format to any desktop or display station connected to a LAN or IP network, as well as store the video along with slides and audio for on-demand replay or Webcasts.

StarBak VCG can be used with a single H.323 endpoint or in a multipoint conference through an MCU. It supports up to 600 hours of conferences and interactive chat and slideshow presentations. The companion StarBak Encoder can be used to create Windows Media streaming files at lower bitrates to better support remote dial-up and broadband users.

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USB Port Replicator Offers VGA and Dual-PC Support

Addlogix has released UniXpress, a USB port replicator that can connect any Windows-based notebook or desktop computer to various peripherals—including VGA/XGA monitors, flat screens, mice, keyboards, speakers, printers, PDAs, scanners, cameras, and joysticks—via a single high-speed USB 2.0 cable.

Users can switch peripherals by simply pressing a button or hot-key combination, and they can add or remove devices without rebooting the computer. They can also add a second or even third screen without installing more graphics cards.

UniXpress supports peripheral and network sharing between two computers as well as a two-port KVM function that allows control of two computers via a single monitor, keyboard, and mouse; 1280 × 1024 XGA resolution with duplication, primary, and extended video support; and jitter-free DVD playback.

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