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Calls for IEEE CS Publications

IEEE Annals of the History of Computing is planning a January-March 2007 special issue on the computer communications services and technologies that existed before the development of the Internet. Annals seeks papers on bulletin boards, dial-up servers, and communications packages on time-share systems; store and forward networks, pre-OSI communications protocols, Bitnet, Csnet, Telenet, Prodigy, Fidonet, CompuServe, and other networks; early use of Listserv and similar protocols; and any technology providing a service that has since been replaced by software running on the Internet.

Interested authors should contact Annals Editor in Chief David Alan Grier, at Abstracts are due by 1 September 2005. To view the complete call for papers, visit

IEEE Internet Computing magazine plans a May/June 2006 special issue on application-level quality of service for distributed applications. Internet Computing seeks papers on topics that include middleware performance characterization, user-level workload models, quality-of-service issues in service- oriented architectures, and application-level availability and performance modeling methods.

Articles for Internet Computing should be written for a readership consisting primarily of professional system and software designers and engineers. Complete author instructions are avail- able at

Submissions are due by 1 October 2005. View the complete call for papers at

IEEE Software magazine plans a July/August 2006 special issue on software verification and validation techniques. Software seeks papers on topics that include the automation of software testing, experiences in testing process improvement, testing metrics, and best practices for testing in specific domains.

Software focuses on providing its readers with practical and proven solutions to real-life challenges. Complete author instructions are available at

Submissions are due by 1 November 2005. View the complete call for papers at

Other Calls

IEEE VR 2006, IEEE Virtual Reality Conf., 25-29 Mar. 2006, Alexandria, Va. Submissions due 4 September.

DSN 2006, Int'l Conf. on Dependable Systems & Networks, 25-28 June 2006, Philadelphia. Abstracts due 18 November.

ICME 2006, IEEE Int'l Conf. on Multimedia & Expo, 9-12 July 2006, Toronto. Tutorials due 1 December; papers due 31 December.

ICIS 2006, 5th Int'l Conf. on Computer & Information Science, 12-14 July 2006, Honolulu. Full paper submissions due 15 February 2006.


September 2005

7-9 Sept: SEFM 2005, 3rd IEEE Int'l Conf. on Software Eng. & Formal Methods, Koblenz, Germany.

12-14 Sept: IWCW 2005, 10th Int'l Workshop on Web Content Caching & Distribution, Sophia Antipolis, France.

15-16 Sept: AVSS 2005, Conf. on Advanced Video & Signal-Based Surveillance, Como, Italy.

15-19 Sept: EWDTW 2005, IEEE East West Design & Test Workshop, Odessa, Ukraine.

17-21 Sept: PACT 2005, 14th Int'l Conf. on Parallel Architectures & Compilation Techniques, St. Louis.

18-21 Sept: CDVE 2005, 2nd Int'l Conf. on Cooperative Design, Visualization, & Eng., Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

19-21 Sept: CODES + ISSS 2005, Int'l Conf. on Hardware/Software Codesign & System Synthesis, Jersey City, N.J.

19-22 Sept: Metrics 2005, 11th IEEE Int'l Software Metrics Symp., Como, Italy.

19-22 Sept: WI-IAT 2005, IEEE/ WIC/ACM Int'l Joint Conf. on Web Intelligence & Intelligent Agent Technology, Compiegne, France.

19-23 Sept: EDOC 2005, 9th Int'l Conf. on Enterprise Computing, Enschede, Netherlands.

20-22 Sept: WRAC 2005, 2nd IEEE/ NASA/IBM Workshop on Radical Agent Concepts, Greenbelt, Md.

21-24 Sept: VL/HCC 2005, IEEE Symp. on Visual Languages & Human- Centric Computing, Dallas.

23-24 Sept: ISoLA 2005, Workshop on Leveraging Applications of For-mal Methods, Verification, & Validation, Columbia, Md.

25-30 Sept: ICSM 2005, 21st IEEE Int'l Conf. on Software Maintenance, Budapest.

25 Sept: Vissoft 2005, 3rd Int'l Workshop on Visualizing Software for Understanding & Analysis (with ICSM), Budapest.

26 Sept: WSE 2005, 7th IEEE Int'l Symp. on Web Site Evolution (with ICSM), Budapest.

26-29 Sept: MASCOTS 2005, Int'l Symp. on Modeling, Analysis, & Simulation of Computer & Telecomm. Systems, Atlanta.

27-30 Sept: Cluster 2005, IEEE Int'l Conf. on Cluster Computing, Boston.

30 Sept.-1 Oct: SCAM 2005, 5th IEEE Int'l Workshop on Source Code Analysis & Manipulation (with ICSM), Budapest.

October 2005

2-5 Oct: ICCD 2005, Int'l Conf. on Computer Design, San Jose, Calif.

2-7 Oct: MoDELS 2005, 8th IEEE/ ACM Int'l Conf. on Model-Driven Eng. Languages & Systems (formerly UML), Montego Bay, Jamaica.

3-5 Oct: DFT 2005, 20th IEEE Int'l Symp. on Defect & Fault Tolerance in VLSI Systems, Monterey, Calif.

3-7 Oct: BroadNets 2005, 2nd IEEE Int'l Conf. on Broadband Networks, Boston.

5-8 Oct: ISMAR 2005, 4th IEEE & ACM Int'l Symp. on Mixed & Augmented Reality, Vienna.

6-8 Oct: IISWC 2005, IEEE Int'l Symp. on Workload Characterization (formerly WWC), Austin, Texas.

7-8 Oct: GridNets 2005, 2nd Int'l Workshop on Networks for Grid Applications (with BroadNets 2005), Boston.

10-12 Oct: DS-RT 2005, 9th IEEE Int'l Symp. on Distributed Simulation & Real-Time Applications, Montreal.

12-14 Oct: HASE 2005, 9th IEEE Int'l Symp. on High-Assurance Systems Eng., Heidelberg, Germany.

15-21 Oct: ICCV 2005, 10th IEEE Int'l Conf. on Computer Vision, Beijing.

17-19 Oct: BIBE 2005, IEEE 5th Symp. on Bioinformatics & Bioeng., Minneapolis.

18-20 Oct: ICEBE 2005, IEEE Int'l Conf. on e-Business Eng., Beijing.

18-21 Oct: ISWC 2005, 9th Int'l Symp. on Wearable Computers, Osaka, Japan. ccg/iswc05/

19-21 Oct: AIPR 2005, 34th IEEE Applied Imagery Pattern Recognition Workshop, Washington, D.C.

19-22 Oct: FIE 2005, Frontiers in Education Conf., Indianapolis, Ind.

19-22 Oct: Tapia 2005, Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing Conf., Albuquerque, N.M.

23-25 Oct: FOCS 2005, 46th Ann. IEEE Symp. on Foundations of Computer Science, Pittsburgh.

23-28 Oct: IEEE Visualization 2005, Minneapolis.

24-27 Oct: SBAC-PAD 2005, 17th Int'l Symp. on Computer Architecture & High-Performance Computing, Rio de Janeiro.

26-28 Oct: ANCS 2005, Symp. on Architectures for Networking & Comm. Systems, Princeton, N.J.

26-28 Oct: SRDS 2005, 24th Int'l Symp. on Reliable Distributed Systems, Orlando, Fla.

November 2005

2-4 Nov: BTW 2005, IEEE 4th Int'l Workshop on Board Test, Fort Collins, Colo.

2-4 Nov: MTV 2005, 6th Int'l Workshop on Microprocessor Test & Verification, Austin, Texas.

6-9 Nov: ICNP 2005, 13th IEEE Int'l Conf. on Network Protocols, Boston.

6-10 Nov: ICCAD 2005, IEEE/ACM Int'l Conf. on Computer-Aided Design, San Jose, Calif.

7-10 Nov: MASS 2005, 2nd IEEE Int'l Conf. on Mobile Ad Hoc & Sensor Systems, Washington, D.C.

7-11 Nov: ASE 2005, 20th IEEE/ ACM Int'l Conf. on Automated Software Eng., Long Beach, Calif.

8-10 Nov: ITC 2005, Int'l Test Conf., Austin, Texas.

8-11 Nov: ISSRE 2005, 16th IEEE Int'l Symp. on Software Reliability Eng., Chicago.

10-11 Nov: SDD 2005, 2nd IEEE Int'l Workshop on Silicon Debug & Diagnosis (with ITC), Austin, Texas.

12-16 Nov: Micro 2005, 38th ACM/ IEEE Int'l Symp. on Microarchitecture, Barcelona, Spain. h ttp://

12-18 Nov: SC 2005, Seattle.

14-16 Nov: ECOWS 2005, 3rd European Conf. on Web Services, Växjö, Sweden.

14-16 Nov: ICTAI 2005, 17th Int'l Conf. on Tools with AI, Hong Kong.

15-17 Nov: LCN 2005, 30th IEEE Conf. on Local Computer Networks, Sydney, Australia.

17-18 Nov: ISESE 2005, ACM-IEEE 4th Int'l Symp. on Empirical Software Eng., Noosa Heads, Australia.

26-30 Nov: ICDM 2005, 5th IEEE Int'l Conf. on Data Mining, New Orleans.

28-30 Nov: WMTE 2005, 3rd IEEE Int'l Workshop on Wireless & Mobile Technologies in Education, Tokushima, Japan.

30 Nov.-2 Dec: HLDVT 2005, IEEE Int'l High-Level Design Validation & Test Workshop, Napa, Calif.

December 2005

4-7 Dec: WSC 2005, Winter Simulation Conf., Orlando, Fla.

5-8 Dec: RTSS 2005, 26th IEEE Real-Time Systems Symp., Miami Beach, Fla.

12-14 Dec: ISM 2005, Int'l Symp. on Multimedia, Irvine, Calif.

13 Dec: SISW 2005, 3rd IEEE Int'l Security in Storage Workshop, San Francisco.

18-21 Dec: ISSPIT 2005, IEEE Symp. on Signal Processing & Information Technology, Athens.

18-21 Dec: ATS 2005, IEEE 14th Asian Test Symp., Kolkata, India.

18-21 Dec: HIPC 2005, 12th Ann. IEEE Int'l Conf. on High-Performance Computing, Goa, India.

19-21 Dec: CollaborateCom 2005, Int'l Conf. on Collaborative Computing: Networking, Applications, & Worksharing, Cape Cod, Mass.

January 2006

5-7 Jan: Tabletop 2006, First IEEE Int'l Workshop on Horizontal Interactive Human-Computer Systems, Adelaide, Australia.

8-11 Jan: Key West 2006, IEEE Key West Computer Elements Workshop, Key West, Fla.

17-19 Jan: Delta 2006, Int'l Workshop on Electronic Design, Test, & Applications, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

23-27 Jan: Saint 2006, Symp. on Applications & the Internet, Phoenix, Ariz.

February 2006

11-15 Feb: HPCA-12, 12th IEEE Int'l Symp. on High-Performance Computer Architecture, Austin, Texas.

March 2006

13-15 Mar: ISSSE 2006, IEEE Int'l Symp. on Secure Software Eng., Washington, D.C.

13-17 Mar: PERCOM 2006, 4th Ann. IEEE Int'l Conf. on Pervasive Computing & Comm., Pisa, Italy.

25-29 Mar: IEEE VR 2006, IEEE Virtual Reality Conf., Alexandria, Va.

26-28 Mar: SSIAI 2006, IEEE Southwest Symp. on Image Analysis & Interpretation, Denver. Contact P. Misna,

April 2006

3-7 Apr: ICDE 2006, 22nd IEEE Int'l Conf. on Data Eng., Atlanta.

20-26 Apr: CSEET 2006, 19th Conf. on Software Eng. Education & Training, Oahu, Hawaii. Contact Daniel Port,

25-29 Apr: IPDPS 2006, 20th IEEE Int'l Parallel & Distributed Processing Symp., Rhodes Island, Greece.

May 2006

7-11 May: ISEE 2006, IEEE Int'l Symp. on Electronics & the Environment, San Francisco.

9-12 May: MDM 2006, 7th Int'l Conf. on Mobile Data Management, Nara, Japan.

June 2006

17-21 June: ISCA 2006, 33rd Ann. Int'l Symp. on Computer Architecture, Boston.

17-23 June: CVPR 2006, IEEE Int'l Conf. on Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition, New York. Contact D. Huttenlocher,

25-28 June: DSN 2006, Int'l Conf. on Dependable Systems & Networks, Philadelphia.

26-29 June: ISCC 2006, 11th IEEE Symp. on Computers & Comm., Pula, Italy.

28-30 June: RAMPDS 2006, 2nd Int'l Workshop on Reliability & Autonomic Management in Parallel & Distributed Systems, Indianapolis, Ind. Contact Michael Hinchey,

July 2006

9-12 July: ICME 2006, IEEE Int'l Conf. on Multimedia & Expo, Toronto.

12-14 July: Comsar 2006, Int'l Workshop on Component-Based Software Eng., Software Architecture, & Reuse (with ICIS), Honolulu.

12-14 July: ICIS 2006, 5th Int'l Conf. on Computer & Information Science, Honolulu.

September 2006

11-15 Sept: RE 2006, 14th IEEE Int'l Requirements Eng. Conf., Minneapolis.

24-27 Sept: ICSM 2006, 22nd IEEE Int'l Conf. on Software Maintenance, Philadelphia.

27-29 Sept: SCAM 2006, IEEE Int'l Workshop on Source Code Analysis & Manipulation (with ICSM), Philadelphia.

Submission Instructions

The Call and Calendar section lists conferences, symposia, and workshops that the IEEE Computer Society sponsors or cooperates in presenting. Complete instructions for submitting conference or call listings are available at

A more complete listing of upcoming computer-related conferences is available at

2005 Conference on Data Mining

Each year, the IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM) provides an international forum for the sharing of original research results and innovative, practical development experiences. Data mining-related areas such as machine learning, automated scientific discovery, data visualization, and knowledge-based systems are all represented at the conference.

At ICDM 2005, a workshops program will focus on new research challenges and initiatives, and a tutorial program will cover emerging data mining technologies.

ICDM takes place in New Orleans from 27-30 November. Advance registration is $445 for IEEE members and $230 for IEEE student members. To learn more about ICDM 2005, visit

SC 05 High-Performance Computing Conference

SC 05, the International Conference for High-Performance Computing, Networking, and Storage, will take place 12-18 November in Seattle.

This year's conference theme, "Gateway to Discovery," encourages participants to focus on ways that high-performance computing, networking, storage, and analysis can lead to advances in research, education, and commerce.

New at SC 05 is the HPC Analytics initiative, which highlights powerful data analysis applications and visualization tools that can be used to solve complex real-world problems. StorCloud, a collaborative, high-bandwidth, heterogeneous storage project, returns this year. In the StorCloud Challenge, applications that demand fast transfer rates and/or use multiple file systems in unusual ways compete for prizes.

For further information on SC|05, visit the conference Web site at Online registration opens 1 August.

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