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Extreme mobile printing from TallyGenicom

TallyGenicom's new MTP4/MTP4R mobile thermal printers are built to survive extreme outdoor environments and rough handling, making them well suited for use in the direct-store delivery industry. They print up to 4 inches wide at 3 inches per second and feature an angled LCD display, easy drop-in paper loading, and wireless connectivity via USB, RS-232, Bluetooth, or IEEE 802.11b. Optional accessories include a magnetic stripe reader, a quick-release vehicle cradle, shoulder/hand straps, and a fast AC charger.


Figure    TallyGenicom's MTP4/MTP4R mobile thermal printers are designed to withstand six-foot drops, rain, dust, and extreme temperatures.

MTP4/MTP4R series printers start at $975 with battery included;

Plug-and-Play RF transceivers get Ethernet connectivity

AeroComm Inc.'s new ConnexNet Ethernet-enabled transceivers merge the company's radio frequency protocol with the Digi Connect ME embedded device server for global networking.

The product adds wireless network connectivity to any serial-based application, serving as a conduit between the user and multiple destination devices. The transceiver integrates a fully developed TCP/IP network stack and OS using various network protocols. Monitoring and controlling complete OEM networks is as easy as connecting to a local network or Internet portal from any location.

The ConnexNet CN4490-1000 (server/client) and CN4790-1000 (peer- to-peer) start at $199 each, while starter packs featuring one ConnexNet Ethernet device and one ConnexLink serial device cost $325 per system;

Globus updates toolkit for grid implementations

The Globus Alliance has released version 4.0 of the Globus Toolkit, an open source set of software services and libraries for building enterprise-level Grid systems and applications. GT4 complies with the latest WS-I Web services standards to facilitate interoperability between different environments, includes initial support for important authorization standards such as SAML and XACML to create a secure Web-services-enabled Grid infrastructure, and implements the emerging WS-RF and WS-N specifications.

Globus Toolkit 4.0 can be downloaded at

IEEE-754 compliant FFT core from 4DSP

4DSP Inc. has released a floating-point fast Fourier transform core that is IEEE-754 compliant. Designed for new high-performance Xilinx and Altera field-programmable gate arrays, the FFT core performs transforms on complex data ranging from 256 to 1,000 points with external memory, if necessary, such as QDR SRAM, closely coupled to the FPGA's internal logic.

Based on the radix-32 butterfly architecture, the product lets users change the transform length without having to reconfigure the programmable device. This flexibility makes the core ideal for systems that change mission rapidly in application design or for complex algorithms like those used in high-precision spectral analysis, radar, and video processing.

Pricing for the FFT core starts at $23,000;

Aventail SSL VPNs add Smart Tunneling

Aventail Corp.'s newest VPN offering incorporates the company's Smart Tunneling technology, combining universal application access with cross-platform support, end-point control, and far greater security than traditional IPSec solutions. Smart SSL VPNs enable mobile workers to access corporate resources, file shares, and applications from all types of devices and include support for UDP, TCP, and IP protocols as well as back-connect applications such as those using VoIP.

Pricing starts at $6,995 for the EX-750, a full-featured, clientless SSL VPN appliance tailored to small to midsized enterprises; pricing for the Aventail EX-1500, a scalable, enterprise-class solution integrating high availability and load-balancing support, starts at $9,995;

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