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Converged Access Device Integrates Voice, Data, and Video

Converged Access Point, from Converged Access, enables small and midsized businesses to integrate separate voice, data, and video networks in a single broadband WAN. The product is designed to combine high application performance with secure Internet and mobile connectivity in a cost-effective, compact footprint.

CAP consolidates end-to-end QoS, layer 7-aware traffic management, efficient bandwith utilization, business-class security, legacy voice and fax support, toll-quality VoIP, integral VPN, IP routing, multiport Ethernet switching, and an optional IEEE 802.11b/g wireless access point. It can be used will all major broadband technologies, including DSL, cable, T1, Ethernet Metro, IP VPN, and Frame Relay.


Figure    Converged Access Point integrates separate voice, data, and video networks in a single broadband infrastructure.

Converged Access Point pricing starts at $850;

Azul Compute Appliance Offers Network-Attached Processing

Azul Systems has introduced Azul Compute Appliance, a network-attached-processing system for virtual-machine-based applications that run on IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, and JBoss and other open source J2EE platforms. Multiple appliances can form seamless "compute pools" allowing tens to hundreds of applications to share a common managed resource without any application-level modificications, binary compatibility requirements, or OS dependencies.

Azul Compute Appliance is available in three configurations with 96, 192, and 384 processor cores, with prices ranging from $89,000 to $799,000;

AMD Introduces Dual-Core Opteron Processors

Advanced Micro Devices has launched its first dual-core x86 64-bit chip for 2P, 4P, and 8P servers and workstations. AMD Opteron 200 and 800 series processors, made using 90-nm process technology, improve performance by up to 90 percent over single-core AMD Opteron processors according to the company. Each series comes in three models that reach speeds of 1.8, 2.0, and 2.2 GHz, respectively.

The AMD Opteron 200 series starts at $851, and the Opteron 800 series starts at $1,514, in 1,000-unit quantities;

Mobility System Software Now Supports Cisco Systems APs

As part of its Open Access Point Initiative, Trapeze Networks has upgraded its Mobility System Software to enable interoperability with Cisco Aironet 350, 1100, and 1200 series access points. Wireless clients can now become part of a mobility domain comprised of Trapeze switches and Cisco and Trapeze APs, enjoying all the benefits of identity-based networking including secure roaming, 802.1X authentication, per-client authorization, and accounting support.

Support for Cisco Aironet APs is a free Mobility System Software upgrade;

ASP.NET Authoring Tool from Eiffel Software

Eiffel Software has released a free tool for developing dynamic, high-performance ASP.NET Web sites and applications using the Eiffel object-oriented language. The product runs with the latest Eiffel compiler on both versions 1.0 and 1.1 of the Microsoft .NET Framework. Eiffel for ASP.NET is available for downloading at

New HD T1/E1 Boards from GL Communications

GL Communications has released a new generation of high-density T1/E1 boards that can process hundreds of channels or timeslots simultaneously using DMA and a 32-bit-wide bus. CPU utilization is negligible, and the upgraded FPGA can handle specialized functions with a single load mechanism.

The new HD 1/E1 cards cost $5,900 each;

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