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Symphoniq Suite Manages Web Application Performance

The TrueView Web Management product suite from Symphoniq is designed to measure "the real user experience" and report in real time why and where problems are occurring in an organization's Web application infrastructure. This helps IT administrators correct problems earlier, reduces help-desk costs, and improves customer satisfaction.

TrueView Outlook Web Access Diagnostics monitors live OWA transactions, flags performance problems such as slow page-load times or HTML-rendering errors, and identifies the Microsoft Exchange servers involved. The IT staff can customize thresholds and alerts and drill down to specific data including user response time, IP address, network latency, and server response time as well as set up "business groups" to monitor specific folders, users, and even individual e-mails and files.

TrueView Web Diagnostics pinpoints bottlenecks in e-commerce and enterprise Web applications. It monitors every URL, including dynamically generated pages, and provides real-time diagnostics and reports that trace problems back to specific users, Web pages, servers, and machines. The tool correlates client- and server-side performance data, including page aborts and page-rendering problems, invisible to purely server-side solutions.

TrueView J2EE Diagnostics monitors end-to-end performance and availability of Web-enabled J2EE applications. It activates only in response to a user-visible problem, identifying individual servers, applications, program methods, database activities, and SQL statements responsible for bogging down an individual transaction.

Licenses for TrueView OWA Diagnostics and Web Diagnostics start at less than $10,000 each. Use of TrueView J2EE Diagnostics requires installation of Web Diagnostics. For a free trial of the TrueView tool suite, visit

Force10 Networks Launches Compact Data-Center Switch

The S-Series S50 from Force10 Networks is a small, high-capacity switch/router designed for creating scalable, congestion-free data centers. Up to eight switches, each providing 48 Gigabit Ethernet ports operating at line rate and two optional 10-Gbit Ethernet ports, can be stacked in a one-rack unit. According to the company, the product's 192-Gbps switching fabric capacity can process 20 percent more traffic than competitive offerings.


Figure    Force10 Networks' S-Series S50 data-center switch provides 48 10/100/1000 ports and two optional 10-Gigabit Ethernet ports.

The Force10 S-Series S50 data center switch costs $8,000;

E-mail Management Suite from iLumin Adds ILM

iLumin Software Services has added new information life-cycle management capabilities to Assentor Enterprise, a scalable e-mail and instant-messaging management suite designed to be interoperable with most storage platforms.

To better meet dynamic regulatory and corporate supervision guidelines, IT administrators can use version 3.4 to control how and where a message is stored and for how long based on attributes such as line of business or organizational hierarchy. It also provides storage APIs with benchmarks to support millions of messages and several hundreds of Gbytes of e-mail per day. Other changes include an enhanced compliance module with new reports to support regulatory audits and investigations and the ability to create system administrator audit reports.

Assentor Enterprise 3.4 is a free upgrade for existing customers;

Tibco Adds Data Integration to BusinessWorks Platform

Tibco Software's integration and business process automation platform, BusinessWorks, now includes DataExchange, a set of tools to connect a wide range of data stores, perform complex transformations, load the data into multiple target systems, and sequence and schedule tasks.

According to the company, organizations can use DataExchange to assemble a more complete view of customers, products, and vendors; improve the timeliness and quality of business decisions; and increase productivity. The product features an extensible Java-based engine with more than 1,000 standard transformation functions, a unified design model, and user-friendly graphical interfaces.

DataExchange is a $50,000 add-on to BusinessWorks for a two-CPU configuration;

Recursion Upgrades JGL Toolkit for JDK 5.0

Recursion Software has released a new version of its JGL (Java Generic Libraries) Toolkit, which is designed to extend the functionality of J2SE Development Kit 5.0 from Sun Microsystems. Developers can use the toolkit to find errors at compile time, instead of runtime, with type-safe collections; produce more concise application code; and parameterize code to fully exploit generics.

Release 5.0 supplements JDK 5.0 with 28 additional collections, 205 additional algorithm methods, eight additional comparators, and 31 additional iterators. It also adds six buffers, 30 algorithm classes, six generators, 61 functions, 75 predicates, generic arithmetic, and a contraints framework.

JGL Toolkit 5.0 costs $99.95; a free trial version is available for download at

GoVideo Introduces Wireless Media Receiver/DVD Player

The D2740 Wireless Media Receiver+ DVD Player from GoVideo can deliver PC media to any TV or home-theater system as well as stream music from Rhapsody, an Internet jukebox service that offers more than 1 million songs.


Figure    GoVideo's D2740 Wireless Media Receiver + DVD Player can deliver PC media and online music to TV or home-theater systems.

The product features wireless 802.11g networking and wired Ethernet connection options and streams audio, images, and video files from the PC right to the TV. Streams can include JPEG, TIFF, and BMP images; MP3 and WMA audio; and MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4 video. Compatible physical media include DVD-R/DVD-RW, video CD, Kodak Picture CD, and MP3 and WMA CDs.

The D2740 Wireless Media Receiver+ DVD Player costs $200 and includes a free 30-day Rhapsody trial offer;

Virtual Platform from Virtio Emulates TI Chipset

The VPOM-V1030 Virtual Platform from Virtio Corp. is designed to provide fast, full-function emulation of the Texas Instruments OMAPV1030 GSM/GPRS/EDGE chipset, which is used to deliver advanced multimedia capabilities to wireless handsets. The product uses a combination of C code, graphical modeling, and transaction-based modeling to replicate the chipset in a PC-based simulation. Platform functionality includes on-chip operation of the ARM and DSP processors, connectivity peripherals, and GSM/ GPRS/EDGE peripherals.

Pricing for the VPOM-V1030 Virtual Platform, which supports standard operating systems such as Linux, starts at $2,488;

AMCC Unveils PowerPC Processor for Networking Applications

Applied Micro Circuits Corp. has introduced a high-speed, low-cost processor that targets networking and storage control-plane applications. Based on the PowerPC 440 superscalar core, the 440GR operates at a clock frequency of up to 667 MHz, offers dual Fast Ethernet controllers, and supports double-data-rate memory with a peak bandwidth of 1.1 Gbps. Visit for more information.

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