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Issue No. 05 - May (2005 vol. 38)
ISSN: 0018-9162
pp: 79-82
Calls for IEEE CS Publications
IEEE Annals of the History of Computing is planning a January–March 2007 special issue on the computer communications services and technologies that existed before the development of the Internet. Annals seeks papers on bulletin boards, dial-up servers, and communications packages on time-share systems; store and forward networks, pre-OSI communications protocols, Bitnet, Csnet, Telenet, Prodigy, Fidonet, CompuServe, and other networks; early use of Listserv and similar protocols; and any technology providing a service that has since been replaced by software running on the Internet.
Interested authors should contact Annals Editor in Chief David Alan Grier, at Abstracts are due by 1 September. To view the complete call for papers, visit
Other calls

    ICDM 2005, 5th IEEE Int'l Conf. on Data Mining, 26-30 Nov., New Orleans. Papers due 1 June.

    Key West 2006, IEEE Key West Computer Elements Workshop, 8-11 Jan. 2006, Key West, Fla. Proposals due 24

June 2005

    1-3 June: EuroVis 2005, Joint Eurographics/IEEE/ACM Symp. on Visualization (formerly VisSym), Leeds, UK.

    1-3 June: PADS 2005, 19th ACM/ IEEE/SCS Workshop on Principles of Advanced & Distributed Simulation, Monterey, Calif.

    4-8 June: ISCA 2005, 32nd Ann. Int'l Symp. on Computer Architecture, Madison, Wisc.

    5-8 June: SWTW 2005, Southwest Test Workshop, San Diego, Calif.

    6-8 June: Policy 2005, IEEE 6th Int'l Workshop on Policies for Distributed Systems & Networks, Stockholm.

    6-9 June: ICDCS 2005, 25th Int'l Conf. on Distributed Computing Systems, Columbus, Ohio.

    7-11 June: JCDL 2005, IEEE/ACM Joint Conf. on Digital Libraries, Denver.

    12-13 June: MSE 2005, Int'l Conf. on Microelectronic Systems Education (with DAC), Anaheim, Calif.

    12-15 June: Complexity 2005, 20th Ann. IEEE Conf. on Computational Complexity, San Jose, Calif.

    13-15 June: WETICE 2005, 14th IEEE Int'l Workshops on Enabling Technologies: Infrastructures for Collaborative Enterprises, Linköping, Sweden.

    13-16 June: ICAC 2005, 2nd IEEE Int'l Conf. on Autonomic Computing, Seattle.

    13-16 June: WOWMOM 2005, Int'l Symp. on A World of Wireless, Mobile, & Multimedia Networks, Taormina, Italy.

    13-17 June: SMI 2005, Int'l Conf. on Shape Modeling & Applications, Cambridge, Mass.

    16-20 June: ICECCS 2005, Int'l Conf. on Eng. of Complex Computer Systems, Shanghai.

    19-24 June: Int'l Symp. on Emergence of Globally Distributed Data, Pula, Italy.

    20-22 June: CSFW 2005, 18th IEEE Computer Security Foundations Workshop, Aix-en-Provence, France.

    20-26 June: CVPR 2005, IEEE Int'l Conf. on Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition, San Diego, Calif.

    22-24 June: CGI 2005, Computer Graphics Int'l Conf. & Workshops, Stony Brook, N.Y.

    23-24 June: CBMS 2005, 18th IEEE Symp. on Computer-Based Medical Systems, Dublin, Ireland.

    26-29 June: VCEW 2005, IEEE Vail Computer Elements Workshop, Vail, Colo.

    26-29 June: LICS 2005, 20th Ann. IEEE Symp. on Logic in Computer Science, Chicago.

    27-29 June: IMSTW 2005, 11th Ann. Int'l Mixed-Signals Testing Workshop, Cannes, France. conferences/IMSTW05/

    27-29 June: ARITH-17, 17th IEEE Symp. on Computer Arithmetic, Cape Cod, Mass.

    27-29 June: CollaborateCom 2005, 1st IEEE Int'l Conf. on Collaborative Computing, Cape Cod, Mass.

    27-30 June: ISCC 2005, 10th IEEE Symp. on Computers & Communications, Cartagena, Spain.

    28 June-1 July: DSN 2005, Int'l Conf. on Dependable Systems & Networks, Yokohama, Japan.

    29-30 June: WTW 2005, 4th Workshop on Test of Wireless Circuits & Systems (with IMSTW), Cannes, France. WTW/2005/

    30 June-1 July: DCOSS 2005, Int'l Conf. on Distributed Computing in Sensor Systems, Marina del Rey, Calif.

July 2005

    5-8 July: ICALT 2005, 5th IEEE Int'l Conf. on Advanced Learning Technologies, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

    6-8 July: ICME 2005, IEEE Int'l Conf. on Multimedia & Expo, Amsterdam.

    6-8 July: IOLTS 2005, 11th IEEE Int'l On-Line Testing Symp., St. Rafael, France. IOLTS/iolts05/Index.html

    11-14 July: ICPS 2005, IEEE Int'l Conf. on Pervasive Services, Santorini, Greece.

    11-14 July: MemoCode 2005, 3rd ACM-IEEE Int'l Conf. on Formal Methods and Models for Codesign, Verona, Italy.

    12-15 July: ICWS 2005, 3rd IEEE Int'l Conf. on Web Services, Orlando, Fla.

    12-15 July: SCC 2005, IEEE Int'l Conf. on Services Computing (with ICWS 2005), Orlando, Fla.

    18-19 July: WMCS 2005: 2nd IEEE Int'l. Workshop on Mobile Commerce and Services (with CEC-05), Munich.

    19-22 July: CEC 2005, 7th Int'l IEEE Conf. on E-Commerce Technology, Munich.

    20-21 July: WRTLT 2005, Workshop on RTL & High-Level Testing, Harbin, China.

    20-22 July: ICPADS 2005, 11th Int'l Conf. on Parallel & Distributed Systems, Fukuoka, Japan.

    23-25 July: ASAP 2005, IEEE 16th Int'l Conf. on Application-Specific Systems, Architectures, & Processors, Samos, Greece.

    24 July: CLADE 2005, Workshop on Challenges of Large Applications in Distributed Environments (with HPDC-14), Research Triangle Park, N.C.

    24-27 July: HPDC-14, 14th IEEE Int'l Symp. on High-Performance Distributed Computing, Research Triangle Park, N.C.

    27-29 July: NCA 2005, 4th IEEE Int'l Symp. on Network Computing & Applications, Cambridge, Mass.

August 2005

    2-4 Aug: ICCNMC 2005, Int'l Conf. on Computer Networks & Mobile Computing, Zhangjiajie, China.

    4-5 Aug: MTDT 2005, IEEE Int'l Workshop on Memory Technology, Design, & Testing, Taipei, Taiwan.

    8-10 Aug: ICCI 2005, 4th IEEE Int'l Conf. on Cognitive Informatics, Irvine, Calif.

    8-11 Aug: CSB 2005, IEEE Computational Systems Bioinformatics Conf., Palo Alto, Calif.

    14-16 Aug: Hot Chips 17, Symp. on High-Performance Chips, Palo Alto, Calif.

    17-19 Aug: RTCSA 2005, 11th IEEE Int'l Conf. on Embedded & Real-Time Computing Systems & Applications, Hong Kong.

    22-24 Aug: Tabletop 2005, IEEE Int'l Workshop on Horizontal Interactive Human-Computer Systems, Mawson Lakes, Australia. Contact bruce.

    29 Aug.-2 Sept: RE 2005, 13th IEEE Int'l Requirements Eng. Conf., Paris.

September 2005

    7-9 Sept: SEFM 2005, 3rd IEEE Int'l Conf. on Software Eng. & Formal Methods, Koblenz, Germany.

    12-14 Sept: IWCW 2005, 10th Int'l Workshop on Web Content Caching & Distribution, Sophia Antipolis, France.

    15-16 Sept: AVSS 2005, Conf. on Advanced Video & Signal-Based Surveillance, Como, Italy.

    18-21 Sept: CDVE 2005, 2nd Int'l Conf. on Cooperative Design, Visualization and Eng., Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

    17-21 Sept: PACT 2005, 14th Int'l Conf. on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques, St. Louis.

    19-22 Sept: Metrics 2005, 11th IEEE Int'l Software Metrics Symp., Como, Italy.

    19-22 Sept: WI-IAT 2005, IEEE/WIC/ ACM Int'l Joint Conf. on Web Intelligence & Intelligent Agent Technology, Compiegne, France.

    19-23 Sept: EDOC 2005, 9th Int'l Conf. on Enterprise Computing, Enschede, Netherlands.

    20-22 Sept: WRAC 2005, 2nd IEEE/ NASA/IBM Workshop on Radical Agent Concepts, Greenbelt, Md.

    21-24 Sept: VL/HCC 2005, IEEE Symp. on Visual Languages & Human- Centric Computing, Dallas, Texas.

    25-30 Sept: ICSM 2005, 21st IEEE Int'l Conf. on Software Maintenance, Budapest.

    26-29 Sept: MASCOTS 2005, Int'l Symp. on Modeling, Analysis, & Simulation of Computer & Telecomm. Systems, Atlanta.

    27-30 Sept: Cluster 2005, IEEE Int'l Conf. on Cluster on Cluster Computing, Boston.

    30 Sept.-1 Oct: SCAM 2005, 5th Int'l Workshop on Source Code Analysis & Manipulation (with ICSM), Budapest.

October 2005

    2-5 Oct: ICCD 2005, Int'l Conf. on Computer Design, San Jose, Calif.

    2-7 Oct: MoDELS 2005, 8th IEEE/ACM Int'l Conf. on Model-Driven Eng. Languages & Systems (formerly UML), Montego Bay, Jamaica.

    3-5 Oct: DFT 2005, 20th IEEE Int'l Symp. on Defect & Fault Tolerance in VLSI Systems, Monterey, Calif.

    3-7 Oct: Broadnets, IEEE Int'l Conf. on Broadband Networks, Boston.

    5-8 Oct: ISMAR 2005, 4th IEEE & ACM Int'l Symp. on Mixed & Augmented Reality, Vienna.

    7-8 Oct: GridNets 2005, 2nd Int'l Workshop on Networks for Grid Applications (with BroadNets 2005), Boston.

    6-8 Oct: WWC 2005, IEEE Int'l Symp. on Workload Characterization, Austin, Texas.

    12-14 Oct: HASE 2005, 9th IEEE Int'l Symp. on High-Assurance Systems Eng., Heidelberg, Germany.

    15-21 Oct: ICCV 2005, 10th IEEE Int'l Conf. on Computer Vision, Beijing.

    17-19 Oct: BIBE 2005, IEEE 5th Symp. on Bioinformatics & Bioeng., Minneapolis.

    18-20 Oct: ICEBE 2005, IEEE Int'l Conf. on e-Business Eng., Beijing.

    18-21 Oct: ISWC 2005, 9th Int'l Symp. on Wearable Computers, Osaka, Japan.

    19-21 Oct: AIPR 2005, 34th IEEE Applied Imagery Pattern Recognition Workshop, Washington, D.C.

    19-22 Oct: FIE 2005, Frontiers in Education Conf., Indianapolis, Ind.

    19-22 Oct: Tapia 2005, Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing Conf., Albuquerque, N.M.

    23-25 Oct: FOCS 2005, 46th Ann. IEEE Symp. on Foundations of Computer Science, Pittsburgh.

    23-28 Oct: IEEE Visualization 2005, Minneapolis.

    26-28 Oct: ANCS 2005, Symp. on Architectures for Networking & Comm. Systems, Princeton, N.J.

November 2005

    6-9 Nov: ICNP 2005, 13th IEEE Int'l Conf. on Network Protocols, Boston.

    6-10 Nov: ICCAD 2005, IEEE/ACM Int'l Conf. on Computer-Aided Design, San Jose, Calif.

    7-10 Nov: MASS 2005, 2nd IEEE Int'l Conf. on Mobile Ad Hoc & Sensor Systems, Washington, D.C. www.

    8-10 Nov: ITC 2005, Int'l Test Conf., Austin, Texas.

    8-11 Nov: ISSRE 2005, 16th IEEE Int'l Symp. on Software Reliability Eng., Chicago.

    12-18 Nov: SC 2005, Seattle.

    14-16 Nov: ICTAI 2005, 17th Int'l Conf. on Tools with AI, Hong Kong.

    15-17 Nov: LCN 2005, 30th IEEE Conf. on Local Computer Networks, Sydney, Australia.

    17-18 Nov: ISESE 2005, ACM-IEEE 4th Int'l Symp. on Empirical Software Eng., Noosa Heads, Australia.

    26-30 Nov: ICDM 2005, 5th IEEE Int'l Conf. on Data Mining, New Orleans.

    28-30 Nov: WMTE 2005, 3rd IEEE Int'l Workshop on Wireless & Mobile Technologies in Education, Tokushima, Japan.

December 2005

    5-8 Dec: RTSS 2005, 26th IEEE Real-Time Systems Symp., Miami Beach, Fla.

    18-21 Dec: ATS 2005, IEEE 14th Asian Test Symp., Kolkata, India.

    18-21 Dec: HIPC 2005, 12th Ann. IEEE Int'l Conf. on High-Performance Computing, Goa, India.

    19-21 Dec: CollaborateCom 2005, Int'l Conf. on Collaborative Computing: Networking, Applications, & Worksharing, Cape Cod, Mass.

January 2006

    8-11 Jan: Key West 2006, IEEE Key West Computer Elements Workshop, Key West, Fla.

March 2006

    13-17 Mar: PERCOM 2006, Int'l Conf. on Pervasive Computing & Comm., Pisa, Italy.

    25-29 Mar: IEEE VR 2006, IEEE Virtual Reality Conf., Alexandria, Va.

April 2006

    3-7 Apr: ICDE 2006, 22nd IEEE Int'l Conf. on Data Eng., Atlanta.

    20-26 Apr: CSEET 2006, 19th Conf. on Software Eng. Education & Training, Oahu, Hawaii. Contact Daniel Port,

May 2006

    7-11 May: ISEE 2006, IEEE Int'l Symp. on Electronics & the Environment, San Francisco, Calif.

June 2006

    26-29 June: ISCC 2006, 11th IEEE Symp. on Computers & Comm., Pula, Italy.

    25-28 June: DSN 2006, Int'l Conf. on Dependable Systems & Networks, Philadelphia.

September 2006

    24-27 Sept: ICSM 2006, 22nd IEEE Int'l Conf. on Software Maintenance, Philadelphia.

    27-29 Sept: SCAM 2006, IEEE Int'l Workshop on Source Code Analysis & Manipulation (with ICSM), Philadelphia.

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