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Calls for IEEE CS Publications

IEEE Annals of the History of Computing is planning a January–March 2007 special issue on the computer communications services and technologies that existed before the development of the Internet. Annals seeks papers on bulletin boards, dial-up servers, and communications packages on time-share systems; store and forward networks, pre-OSI communications protocols, Bitnet, Csnet, Telenet, Prodigy, Fidonet, CompuServe, and other networks; early use of Listserv and similar protocols; and any technology providing a service that has since been replaced by software running on the Internet.

Interested authors should contact Annals Editor in Chief David Alan Grier, at Abstracts are due by 1 September. To view the complete call for papers, visit

Other calls


June 2005

July 2005

August 2005

September 2005

October 2005

November 2005

December 2005

  • 5-8 Dec: RTSS 2005, 26th IEEE Real-Time Systems Symp., Miami Beach, Fla.
  • 18-21 Dec: ATS 2005, IEEE 14th Asian Test Symp., Kolkata, India.
  • 18-21 Dec: HIPC 2005, 12th Ann. IEEE Int'l Conf. on High-Performance Computing, Goa, India.
  • 19-21 Dec: CollaborateCom 2005, Int'l Conf. on Collaborative Computing: Networking, Applications, & Worksharing, Cape Cod, Mass.

January 2006

March 2006

April 2006

  • 3-7 Apr: ICDE 2006, 22nd IEEE Int'l Conf. on Data Eng., Atlanta.
  • 20-26 Apr: CSEET 2006, 19th Conf. on Software Eng. Education & Training, Oahu, Hawaii. Contact Daniel Port,

May 2006

  • 7-11 May: ISEE 2006, IEEE Int'l Symp. on Electronics & the Environment, San Francisco, Calif.

June 2006

  • 26-29 June: ISCC 2006, 11th IEEE Symp. on Computers & Comm., Pula, Italy.
  • 25-28 June: DSN 2006, Int'l Conf. on Dependable Systems & Networks, Philadelphia.

September 2006

Submission Instructions

The Call and Calendar section lists conferences, symposia, and workshops that the IEEE Computer Society sponsors or cooperates in presenting. Complete instructions for submitting conference or call listings are available at

A more complete listing of upcoming computer-related conferences is available at

14th IEEE International Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques

The fourteenth IEEE International Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques is a multidisciplinary conference that brings together researchers and practitioners to share and discuss recent developments in parallel systems, instruction-level parallelism, thread-level parallelism, multiprocessor parallelism, and distributed systems.

PACT 2005 takes place from 17-21 September in St. Louis. Conference organizers have invited papers on topics that include applications and experimental systems studies, parallel processing and Java, nontraditional computing systems, and reconfigurable computing.

A series of tutorials and workshops is scheduled for 17-18 September, immediately preceding PACT 2005.

For complete conference information, visit

11th International Software Metrics Symposium

The eleventh International Software Metrics Symposium is the largest software engineering conference to focus primarily upon the research and practice of software measurement. Metrics 2005 also provides a forum for exploring how measurement data can be used to understand, evaluate, and model software engineering phenomena.

Paper and discussion topics at the symposium are expected to include effort and cost estimation, quality assurance, measurement-based decision making, and qualitative methods in empirical studies.

Metrics 2005 is set for 19-22 September in Como, Italy. Visit for detailed program and venue information.

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