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Issue No. 02 - February (2005 vol. 38)
ISSN: 0018-9162
pp: 79
Network Test Accepts Data Traffic
Developers can use Scalable Network Technologies' latest software release, QualNet 3.8, to design and test a wide variety of communication networks, including ad hoc wireless networks. The new Real-Time Interfaces Module directly supports hardware- and software-in-the-loop simulation by accepting packet data traffic from a real network.

Scalable Network Technologies' QualNet 3.8 includes a new 3D GUI for realistic visualizations of communication networks.

QualNet 3.8 also includes a new 3D GUI for realistic visualizations. The new release features more than a dozen new network models, including a model for background traffic and randomly occurring interface faults;
Feedthrough Filters Reduce Noise
AVX Corporation's new series of feedthrough filters offers automotive engineers a way to significantly reduce noise in digital circuits up to 5 GHz. The W2F4 and W3F4 feedthrough arrays contain four elements with a common ground connection for multiline designs. The capacitor provides low parallel inductance and offers excellent broadband EMI attenuation for all circuitry in need of passing SAE, FCC, and IEC EMC requirements.
Applications include data lines to dashboard and diagnostic units, as well as RGB lines to LCD displays within entertainment centers such as DVD players or GPS units;
Lm3557 Can Drive Up to Five Leds in Series
National Semiconductor's LM3557, a fixed-frequency current-mode step-up DC-DC converter, is suitable for white-LED applications. An external feedback resistor sets a constant current through the LEDs.
The LM3557 can drive up to five LEDs in series with a 20-mA current and has a fixed 24-V overvoltage protection option, eliminating the need for an extra protection diode. Other key features include a 2.7 V to 7.5 V VIN range, a 1.25-MHz constant-switching frequency, and input undervoltage protection.
The LM3557 converter is available in an eight-lead LLP package and costs 96 cents in 1,000-unit quantities;
Advanced Web-browsing Technology
Lonopono is a new client-side Web-browsing technology designed to collect, organize, share, and display information from Web pages as well as other sources such as RSS feeds, photos, videos, OPML lists, and documents. Lonopono runs on any platform, including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Unix, and it includes an integrated knowledge base (using the Web Ontology Language) and advanced scripting support.
The beta version of Lonopono, available in Standard, Professional, and Power User versions, is free;
Winwedge Pro Gets Upgrade
TAL Technologies has released version 3.1 of its data collection program, WinWedge Pro, designed to interface RS232 and TCP/IP devices to any Windows application. Different instruments can simultaneously send data to different applications or "fields" within the same application. The new version supports 32-bit features such as preemptive multitasking, up to 100 com ports simultaneously, and up to 56,000-baud data rates, and it is 30 percent faster than 16-bit versions.
Users can now resize the "Analyze" window as well as leave it open while defining the structure of incoming serial data, add a delay between keystrokes sent to other programs, or minimize WinWedge to the system tray instead of the taskbar. They also can send keystrokes to DOS programs or other Windows applications that do not respond to keyboard input.
WinWedge Pro v3.1 costs $159 for owners of previous versions;
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