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FileMaker Upgrades Database Server Software

Server 7 Advanced, a new version of FileMaker's database server software, provides simultaneous database hosting for up to 100 Web-based clients and 250 desktop clients. Developers can integrate FileMaker databases with other applications using XML, ODBC, and JDBC.

The software runs on Mac OS X, Windows 2000 Server, and Windows 2003 Server and costs $2,499;

Graphic: With FileMaker Server 7 Advanced, users can create a Web version of a FileMaker database and offer connections to it via a browser interface.

Figure    With FileMaker Server 7 Advanced, users can create a Web version of a FileMaker database and offer connections to it via a browser interface.

RF Design and Simulation Products

RF Blockset and RF Toolbox, two new products released by MathWorks, are designed to help create signal processing and communications engineering applications. RF Blockset works within the Simulink environment and provides a library of blocks to model the behavior of RF amplifiers, mixers, filters, and transmission lines. Both are available for Windows, Unix, Linux, and Macintosh platforms.

Prices start at $2,000 for RF Blockset and $1,000 for RF Toolbox;

Stratix II Kits for Embedded System Designs

Altera has introduced several high-speed interface, DSP, and embedded system design kits for the Stratus II FPGA family. Each kit includes a Stratix II development board, 16 Mbytes of flash memory, a CD containing documentation and reference designs, a power supply, a USB Blaster download cable, and other cables.

Pricing starts at $1,995 for the high-speed interface and DSP kits and $995 for the Nios II embedded processor development kit;

Windows Installer Upgraded to Version 6.0

Wise Solutions, a subsidiary of Altiris, has released Wise for Windows Installer 6.0, the latest version of its tool for creating Windows Installer installations. The tool now includes integrated installation development in the Visual Studio .NET IDE, support for authoring data-driven Web applications, and support for .MSI 3.0, IIS 6.0, MTS/COM+, and 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms;

PowerBuilder 10 Supports J2EE and .NET

A new version of Sybase's PowerBuilder database design tool offers support for working with Java 2 Enterprise Edition and Microsoft .NET environments. PowerBuilder 10 also includes a copy of Sybase DataWindow .NET, a technology designed to reduce development time, coding, and the need for expertise in complex data access methods and SQL.

PowerBuilder 10 costs $2,995 plus $645 for an upgrade subscription;

Write Once in .NET, Run Anywhere

Stryon's iNET is a new application-migration utility designed to change .NET-based applications into Java applications that can run in any Java-enabled environment as well as leading application servers such as WebSphere, WebLogic, SunONE, JBoss, and Oracle 9i. A Java-based implementation of the .NET framework, iNET lets developers consolidate .NET applications onto Java- enabled platforms or integrate supply-chain partners with existing business processes.

Contact the company for licensing information;

Prebuilt PCs for Embedded Application Deployment

Ampro Computers has announced a family of Linux-based systems designed specifically for developers working on embedded systems. Each Ampro ReadySystem includes a ReadyBoard computer, RAM, and a 40-Gbyte hard drive with a Linux distribution already installed. Processor options range from a 300-MHz Via Eden to a 1.4-GHz LV Intel Pentium M.

The 11 models of ReadySystem start at $950;

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