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NUCLEAR MEDICINE (p. 57). "A computer-based system, designed to provide high-speed and accurate acquisition, processing, storage and display from a gamma camera, has been introduced by Digital Equipment Corporation.

"Gamma-11 is a complete turnkey package of modular design and featuring extremely simple operation. No additional hardware is required other than the camera. The software is modular to allow maximum flexibility and to provide for easy expansion from the basic system. The system was also designed to be operated by personnel with little or no previous computer experience or knowledge after only a brief period of familiarization."

ONLINE CRIME PREVENTION (p. 58). "The City of Pasadena has announced a police system aimed at preventing crime rather than reacting to it.

"Police chief Robert H. McGowan said his department's computer-based system is unique in that information is entered on-line as calls for service from citizens are received. From this data, detailed profiles of crime patterns are produced and analyzed to help officers take preventive action through helicopter and car patrols.

"A key feature of the system is the capability to aggregate on-line several geographic areas of the city with variable time-of-day parameters in order to determine the crime pattern in the combined area. For example, a detailed profile of crime patterns around certain schools in the city at a particular time of day could be produced in minutes."

TOLL ROAD (p. 58). "The first in a network of computers to monitor and administer Kentucky's parkway system is now saving the Commonwealth dollars and others promise to save even more in the future. While attendants still handle toll booth collections and other activities, a computer in the background will insure accurate counts of vehicles and money, fast billing of credit card customers and constant surveillance of plaza equipment."

VIRTUAL STORAGE (p. 58). "A major redirection of IBM System/370 technology, designed to make it easier and more economical for computer users to develop new applications, has been announced by International Business Machines Corporation."

"Virtual storage is a storage management technique that makes a System/370 appear to the user as if it had up to 16 million characters of main storage—many times its actual capacity. (Main storage sizes in System/370 now range from 96,000 to four million characters.) This makes possible concurrent processing of computer programs that, in total size, exceed main storage capacity."

SMALL-SCALE COMPUTERS (p. 59). "Burroughs Corporation has announced the worldwide release of the B 1700 Systems, a revolutionary new series of small-scale data processing systems.

"The B 1700 Series are fully-featured computers that bring the most advanced technology to the small-scale computer market. Their introduction means that, for the first time, the users of small-scale computers can benefit from the sophisticated techniques utilized in larger scale systems such as self-regulation by means of a Master Control Program, automatic multiprogramming, and virtual memory. In addition, the B 1700 Series utilizes entirely new data processing technology which goes beyond that employed in the most advanced systems today."

POINT-OF-SALE TERMINALS (p. 60). "The Singer Company today introduced two new versions of its well-known MDTS cash register/computer terminals. The new MDTS (modular data transaction system) terminals—the 902 Model and the 925 Model—offer several advances over the standard 900 Model which is helping to revolutionize U.S. retailing operations.

"In addition to the standard characteristics of a point-of-sale terminal, the 902 and 925 can be programmed for positive and negative credit assessments, make multi-copies of sales checks or cash receipts, and provide an original audit tape of each transaction."

MINICOMPUTER (p. 62). "Price reductions up to 27 percent on PDP-8 family minicomputer mainframes and up to 45 percent on typical systems have been announced by Digital Equipment Corporation. At the same time, the company announced a new series of peripheral devices and software packages for the PDP-8."

"As a result of both the new products and price reductions, the cost of typical PDP-8 systems are reduced. An OS-8 system configuration consisting of PDP-8/E processor, 8192-word core memory, LA30 DECwriter, high-speed paper tape reader/punch, and 1.6 million words of disk memory pack drops from $35,985 to $19,900, a 45 percent reduction."


GRAPHICS SUPERCOMPUTER (p. 28). "Super- and minisupercomputers can provide the computational power required by many current scientific and engineering simulation, synthesis, and analysis problems. These machines do not have visualization capabilities and, thus, are often augmented by graphics workstations. A pair of machines, one used as a computational resource and one used as a visualization tool, fundamentally limits the way in which the engineer or scientist can work interactively. Graphics supercomputers, such as Titan, represent another evolutionary step in the development line."

A DRAFT STANDARD (p. 70). "Extended Pascal, a contemporary version of Pascal, the classic language for teaching programming concepts and programming languages, contains new features that reflect the modern software engineering techniques of modularity, protectability, and abstraction. In addition, Extended Pascal is a vibrant language containing many of the features that have been added to existing Pascal implementations."

COPYRIGHT (p. 74). "After considering the matter for nine months, the US Copyright Office has ruled that it will henceforth require screen displays and the computer programs with which they are associated to be registered as a single work. This will be the case whenever the two elements are owned by a single person or business entity."

"The Copyright Office further stated that it 'is sympathetic to users who may have difficulty in determining the scope of the copyright in computer software,' but that's a problem that the Copyright Office cannot deal with and one the courts will have to sort … out. The most the office feels it can do to assist the public and the courts is 'to refuse to register any clearly frivolous, unsound, or otherwise unjustified claims.'"

COMPUTER BOWL (p. 88). "Who sold Katherine Hepburn a computer in the movie 'Desk Set'? Which computer entrepreneur got his first venture capital as the result of a dog bite?

"Such technotrivia will be the order of the day as industry experts test their knowledge of computer history, technology, business, and folklore at the world's first Computer Bowl. The contest, sponsored by the Computer Museum, will be held October 7 at Boston's World Trade Center."

IBM PROCESSOR (p. 98). "IBM has announced the Enterprise System/3090 Model 600S, which the company calls a general-purpose processor. The Model 600S falls at the upper end of a 10-model series of mainframe computers using IBM's Enterprise Systems Architecture/370, the MVS/ESA and VM/XA operating systems, and data management software.

"Prices for the ES/3090 S models range from $985,000 for the 120S to $12.4 million for the 600S. The 120S and 150S are scheduled for availability in September; the models 170S and up are scheduled for the fourth quarter of 1988."

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