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Issue No. 08 - August (2004 vol. 37)
ISSN: 0018-9162
pp: 89-90
ReSharper Program for Visual Studio .NET 2003
JetBrains recently announced an access program for JetBrains ReSharper, the company's add-in tool for developers using Visual Studio .NET 2003. The ReSharper integrated plug-in is designed to enhance Visual Studio with intelligent C# code-editing assistance and many productivity enhancements from the company's IntelliJ Idea 4.0.
New ReSharper features include integration with Visual Studio, eliminating any need to switch to an outside application, plus the capability to jump from a method to its declaration or from a method in a base class or interface to its implementation and back.
Contact the company for licensing information;
DSP Development Tool Supports Matlab 7 and Simulink 6
Xilinx announced a new version of the System Generator for DSP development tool that supports the Matlab 7 and Simulink 6 software packages, recently released as parts of MathWorks 14.
According to Xilinx, the latest version of System Generator provides performance and database enhancements designed to make it easier for developers to build DSP systems with Virtex Pro and Spartan-3 series FPGAs.
The System Generator for DSP tool is used with the ISE 6.2i FPGA design suite from Xilinx. It costs $1,995;
Nios 2 IDE Based on Eclipse Platform
Altera Corporation has announced Nios 2, a development environment based on the open Eclipse platform. This platform has become one of the preferred development frameworks among embedded tool providers such as Wind River and QNX.
The Nios 2 IDE provides a C/C++ development suite that includes a text editor, project manager, build tools, debugger, and CFI-compatible flash programmer. The debugger connects to a range of targets, including FPGA hardware, the Nios 2 Instruction Set Simulator, and the ModelSim-Altera software.
Nios 2 is available with each Nios 2 development kit, including Stratix, Stratix Pro, and Cyclone editions. All active Nios subscribers will automatically receive Nios 2 IDE as part of their Nios 2 update. Subscriptions cost $495 annually;
Sun Releases Java Desktop System 2
To compete more effectively with Microsoft in enterprise environments, Sun Microsystems released the Sun Java Desktop System 2, which now offers integrated, centralized management functionality specifically designed for administrators working with large networks. The new operating system, based on Linux, provides auto-update and management capabilities plus an IDE for Linux and Java developers that includes Sun Java Studio.
Sun's Java Desktop System 2 is available at 50 percent off its original price at an annual $50 per desktop or $25 per employee until 2 December 2004. Buyers can purchase the Java Desktop System through Sun, its iForce partners, or Wal-Mart on Microtel hardware;

Sun's Java Desktop System 2 update offers integrated management tools to help set policies and configurations for groups and automatically distribute system updates and patches across a network to all Java Desktop Systems from a central location.

ST7 Microcontroller Development Software Upgraded
STMicroelectronics has released an upgrade to its STVD7 development software, which supports the ST7 family of 8-bit microcontrollers.
ST7 Visual Develop 3.0 adds build and programming features to the debug tools of earlier versions. Users can select a specific ST7 microcontroller unit for their project at the build stage and then tailor and optimize their application code, taking into account the MCU's memory map, pin-out, and registers. The upgrade integrates the ST7 Assembler and Linker toolsets, as well as C compilers from Cosmic and Metrowerks. Errors are automatically highlighted in source files.
The software is available as a free download for ST7 developers from
AltiWare 5.0 IP Telephony Platform Released
AltiGen Communications released AltiWare 5.0, the next iteration of its software platform supporting AltiServ IP telephony and call-center systems. Version 5.0 reportedly offers significant enhancements for every aspect of the AltiGen system, including call center, distributed communications, voice over IP, general telephone systems functionalities, management and reporting, and integration capabilities. AltiGen has also enhanced the overall look and feel of all administrative and desktop interfaces.
Contact the company for licensing information;
Application Framework Based on JRules
ILOG has released Business Rule Studio, an application framework based on JRules—a key component of the company's Business Rule Management System product line.
Built on the Eclipse IDE, BR Studio gives Java developers rule-authoring, testing, and debugging tools for their applications in that environment. BR Studio is available for free by Web download and requires Eclipse 2.1 or WebSphere Application Developer 5.1.

Business rule technology can make applications more agile, capturing business logic as embedded rules. But the learning curve for creating such applications can be steep. ILOG Business Rule Studio integrates ILOG's Jrules engine within the Eclipse environment so developers can write, debug, and execute rules seperately from Java code.

Deployment of business rule applications requires separate deployment licenses of the full version of ILOG JRules, which are sold separately;
System Architect Activity-Based Methodology
Popkin Software announced that System Architect now supports an activity-based methodology. ABM automates enterprise architecture development for projects using the Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF). According to Popkin, System Architect is the first tool to offer support for ABM, a methodology created in part by MITRE Corp.
The System Architect technology is designed to help architecture teams get started using DoDAF by providing predefined and automated guidelines that support information capture and the generation of views for analysis and reporting. System Architect provides a maintainable set of standard reference objects and a set of additional DoDAF products and reports.
Contact the company for licensing information;
Next-Gen Connectivity Processors for Telematics
National Semiconductor has announced four new CP3000 processors designed specifically to connect different types of devices in automobiles via wide area, local area, or personal area networks.
National's new processors integrate Bluetooth wireless technology, controller area networks, and USB interfaces with additional software to accelerate development of telematics applications such as hands-free communication devices. For wireless applications, the CP3000 processors include a fully embedded Bluetooth interface with baseband processing, a host protocol stack, and dedicated profiles.
The new processors are available now for roughly $10 per processor in OEM quantities;
Linux Development Tools from Metrowerks
Metrowerks announced commercial-grade Linux development tools designed to help with board bring-up, kernel-level debugging, driver development, and application creation—all within a Linux-hosted environment. The CodeWarrior development studios are designed to complement Metrowerks' existing lineup of hardware, board-support package, and code coverage tools to offer a collection of Linux-development applications. The suites include a debugger that delivers the capabilities required to target a Linux OS to a new hardware platform, including driver development;
Sun Enhances Java System Application Server
Edition 8 of Sun's Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8 is the first commercially available version of the Java 2 Enterprise Edition 1.4 specification. Edition 8 supports the new JavaServer Faces 1.0 APIs for building GUIs for J2EE-based applications. The company also announced the update of the J2EE 1.4 SDK, available for free at The Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8 is free and can be downloaded from
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