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Issue No. 12 - December (2003 vol. 36)
ISSN: 0018-9162
pp: 105-107
Submission Instructions
The Call and Calendar section lists conferences, symposia, and workshops that the IEEE Computer Society sponsors or cooperates in presenting. Complete instructions for submitting conference or call listings are available at
A more complete listing of upcoming computer-related conferences is available at
Calls for IEEE CS Publications
Over the past ten years, Internet service providers have built out their networks to cope with what they perceive as steadily increasing user demands. Because of that rapid development, network measurement has tended to have lower priority than immediate network operations, deployment, and upgrade concerns.
For a 2004 special issue on measuring performance, IEEE Internet Computing invites researchers and practitioners to submit original works on Internet measurement, especially studies that involve open source or freely available tools and data from wide area networks. Suitable topics include Internet topology, routing system behavior, understanding protocol behavior, monitoring/management of large-scale backbones, and quality of service monitoring.
Submissions are due 2 Feb. The complete call for papers is available at
Other Calls

    ICPADS 2004, 10th Int'l Conf. on Parallel & Distributed Systems, 7-9 July 2004, Newport Beach, Calif. Papers due 12 Jan. 2004.

    DSN 2004, Int'l Conf. on Dependable Systems & Networks, 28 June-1 July 2004, Florence, Italy. Workshop submissions and tutorials due 12 Jan. 2004.

    DDECS 2004, 7th IEEE Workshop on Design & Diagnostics of Electronics Circuits & Systems Workshop, 18-21 Apr. 2004, Tatranská Lomnica, Slovakia. Submissions due 19 Jan. 2004.

    NATW 2004, IEEE 13th North Atlantic Test Workshop, 13-14 May 2004, Essex Junction, Vt. Papers due 7 Feb. 2004.

    ICALT 2004, 4th IEEE Int'l Conf. on Advanced Learning Technologies, 30 Aug.-1 Sept. 2004, Joensuu, Finland. Papers due 13 Feb. 2004. http://lttf.

    ATS 2004, 13th Asian Test Symp., 15-17 Nov. 2004, Kenting, Taiwan. Papers due 15 Apr. 2004.

January 2004

    19 -22 Jan: MDM 2004, 5th Int'lConf. on Mobile Data Management, Berkeley, Calif.

    26-30 Jan: SAINT 2004, Symp. on Applications & the Internet, Tokyo.

    28-30 Jan: DELTA 2004, IEEE Int'l Workshop on Electronic Design, Test, & Applications, Perth, Australia.

February 2004

    14-15 Feb: SLIP 2004, 6th Int'l Workshop on System-Level Interconnect Prediction, Paris.

    14-18 Feb: HPCA-10, 10th Int'l Symp. on High-Performance Computer Architecture, Madrid, Spain.

    16-20 Feb: DATE 2004, Design, Automation & Test in Europe, Paris.

    19-20 Feb: ISVLSI 2004, Int'l Symp. on VLSI, Lafayette, La.

    23-25 Feb: Preclinical Development Forum, "Designing & Selecting Drug Candidates for Clinical Success," Cambridge, Mass.

March 2004

    3-5 Mar: PRDC 2004, 10th Pacific Rim Int'l Symp. on Dependable Comp., Papeete, Tahiti. PRDC10

    14-17 Mar: PerCom 2004, IEEE Int'l Conf. on Pervasive Comp. & Comm., Kissimmee, Fla.

    20-24 Mar: CGO 2004, Int'l Symp. on Code Generation & Optimization, San Jose, Calif.

    23-25 Mar: WMTE 2004, 2nd IEEE Int'l Workshop on Wireless & Mobile Technologies in Education, Taoyuan, Taiwan.

    23-26 Mar: ICDCS 2004, 24th Int'l Conf. on Distributed Computing Systems, Tokyo.

    25-26 Mar: HASE 2004, IEEE 8th Int'l Symp. on High-Assurance Systems Eng., Tampa, Fla.

    27-31 Mar: VR 2004, IEEE Virtual Reality 2004 Conf. (with Haptics 2004), Chicago.

    28-29 Mar: RIDE WS-ECEG 2004, 14th Int'l Workshop on Research Issues on Data Eng., Boston.

    28-30 Mar: SSIAI 2004, IEEE Southwest Symp. on Image Analysis & Interpretation, Lake Tahoe, Nev.

    29-31 Mar: EEE 2004, IEEE Int'l Conf. on e-Technology, e-Commerce, & e-Service, Taiwan.

    29-31 Mar: AINA 2004, 18th Int'l Conf. on Advanced Information Networking & Applications, Fukuoka, Japan.

    30 Mar.-2 Apr: ICDE 2004, 20th Int'l Conf. on Data Eng., Boston.

April 2004

    4-7 Apr: ITSW 2004, 11th IEEE Int'l Test Synthesis Workshop, Santa Barbara, Calif.

    5-7 Apr: ITCC 2004, 5th Int'l Conf. on IT, Las Vegas, Nev.

    14-16 Apr: COOL CHIPS VII, Int'l Symp. on Low-Power & High-Speed Chips, Yokohama, Japan.

    18-21 Apr: DDECS 2004, 7th IEEE Workshop on Design & Diagnostics of Electronics Circuits & Systems Workshop, Tatranská Lomnica, Slovakia.

    19-22 Apr: CCGRID 2004, 4th IEEE/ACM Int'l Symp. on Cluster Computing & the Grid, Chicago.

    19-23 Apr: ASYNC 2004, 10th Int'l Symp. on Asynchronous Circuits & Systems, Hersonissos, Crete.

    26-30 Apr: IPDPS 2004, 18th Int'l Parallel & Distributed Processing Symp., Santa Fe, N.M.

May 2004

    10-13 May: ISEE 2004, Int'l Symp. on Electronics & the Environment, Scottsdale, Ariz.

    13-14 May: NATW 2004, IEEE 13th North Atlantic Test Workshop, Essex Junction, Vt.

    16-19 May: PADS 2004, 18th Workshop on Parallel & Distributed Simulation, Kufstein, Austria.

    19-22 May: ISMVL 2004, 34th Int'l Symp. on Multiple-Valued Logic, Toronto.

    23-28 May: ICSE 2004, 26th Int'l Conf. on Software Eng., Edinburgh, UK.

    24-27 May: ECBS 2004, 11th IEEE Int'l Conf. & Workshop on the Eng. of Computer-Based Systems, Brno, Czech Republic.

June 2004

    2-4 June: PBG 2004, Symp. on Point-Based Graphics, Zurich, Switzerland.

    7 June: CLADE 2004, Workshop on Challenges of Large Applications in Distributed Environments (with HPDC-13), Honolulu.

    7-9 June: POLICY 2004, IEEE 5th Int'l Workshop on Policies for Distributed Systems & Networks, Yorktown Heights, N.Y.

    23-25 June: IMSTW 2004, 10th IEEE Int'l Mixed Signals Test Workshop, Portland, Ore.

    24-25 June: CBMS 2004, 17th IEEE Symp. on Computer-Based Medical Systems, Bethesda, Md.

    24-26 June: IWPC 2004, 12th Int'l Workshop on Program Comprehension, Bari, Italy.

    27-30 June: ICME 2004, Int'l Conf. on Multimedia & Expo, Taipei.

    28 June-1 July: DSN 2004, Int'l Conf. on Dependable Systems & Networks, Florence, Italy.

July 2004

    6-9 July: ICWS 2004, IEEE Int'l Conf. on Web Services, San Diego, Calif.

    6-9 July: CEC 2004, IEEE Conf. on E-Commerce, San Diego, Calif. http://

    7-9 July: ICPADS 2004, 10th Int'l Conf. on Parallel & Distributed Systems, Newport Beach, Calif.

August 2004

    19-20 Aug: ISESE 2004, Int'l Symp. on Experimental Software Eng., Redondo Beach, Calif.

    30 Aug.-1 Sept: ICALT 2004, 4th IEEE Int'l Conf. on Advanced Learning Technologies, Joensuu, Finland.

September 2004

    6-10 Sept: RE 2004, 12th IEEE Int'l Requirements Eng. Conf., Kyoto, Japan.

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