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Issue No. 08 - August (2003 vol. 36)
ISSN: 0018-9162
pp: 81-83
Submission Instructions
The Call and Calendar section lists conferences, symposia, and workshops that the IEEE Computer Society sponsors or cooperates in presenting. Complete instructions for submitting conference or call listings are available at
A more complete listing of upcoming computer-related conferences is available at
Call for IEEE CS Publications
IEEE Software seeks original articles for a special issue highlighting return on investment in the software industry. Papers should address the three main ROI components—cost, benefit, and risk. Subjects might include ROI analyses of acquisition versus in-house development of software, software infrastructure and investments, or improvement of existing software development processes.
In addition to traditional articles, the guest editors seek state-of-practice articles and case studies. Papers are due 10 Oct. Submission guidelines and a complete list of topics are available at For more information, contact the guest editors: Hakan Erdogmus,; John Favaro,; and Wolfgang Strigel,
Increases in the polygonal complexity of computer graphics models, combined with advances in 3D digital photography and scanning technology, have lead to a renewed interest in point primitives. In recent years, research has focused on the efficient representation, modeling, processing, and rendering of point-sampled geometry.
To advance research in this area, IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications seeks articles for a special issue on point-based computer graphics. Topics could include data acquisition, representation of point-sampled geometry, sampling and interpolation, and geometric modeling using point primitives. Sought especially are papers that present results based on acquired (rather than simulated) data. Submissions are due 31 Oct. For more information, visit or contact guest editors Markus Gross,, and Hanspeter Pfister,
IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing seeks original manuscripts. This journal publishes research related to mobility of users, systems, data, and computing as well as issues in information organization and access, services, management, and applications. Topics of interest include architectures, support services, algorithm/protocol design and analysis, mobile environments, mobile communication systems, applications, and emerging technologies. More information can be found at
Other Calls

    PerCom 2004, IEEE Int'l Conf. on Pervasive Computing & Comm., 14-17 Mar. 2004, Kissimmee, Fla. Papers due 1 Sept.

    VS-PETS 2003, Joint IEEE Int'l Workshop on Visual Surveillance & Performance Evaluation of Tracking & Surveillance, 12-13 Oct., Nice, France. Papers due 15 Sept.

    IPDPS 2004, 18th Int'l Parallel & Distributed Processing Symp., 26-30 Apr. 2004, Santa Fe, N.M. Papers due 3 Oct.

    EEE 2004, IEEE Int'l Conf. on e-Technology, e-Commerce, & e-Service, 29-31 Mar. 2004, Taiwan. Papers due 1 Nov.

September 2003

    3-5 Sept: Metrics 2003, 9th Int'l Software Metrics Symp., Sydney, Australia.

    8-12 Sept: RE 2003, 11th IEEE Int'l Requirements Eng. Conf., Monterey, Calif.

    11-12 Sept: ECS 2003, 4th Electronic Circuits & Systems Conf., Bratislava, Slovakia.

    16-19 Sept: EDOC 2003, 7th IEEE Int'l Conf. on Enterprise Distributed Objects Computing, Brisbane, Australia.

    19-21 Sept: STEP 2003, Software Technology & Eng. Practice, (with ICSM 2003) Amsterdam.

    22 Sept: VISSOFT 2003, Visualizing Software for Understanding & Analysis, Amsterdam.

    22 Sept: WSE 2003, 5th IEEE Int'l Workshop on Web Site Evolution (with ICSM 2003), Amsterdam.

    22-26 Sept: ICSM 2003, Int'l Conf. on Software Maintenance, Amsterdam.

    22-27 Sept: SEFM 2003, Int'l Conf. on Software Eng. & Formal Methods, Brisbane, Australia.

    23 Sept: ELISA 2003, Int'l Workshop on Evolution of Large-Scale Industrial Software Applications (with ICSM 2003), Amsterdam.

    24-26 Sept: THERMINIC, 9th Int'l Workshop on Thermal Investigations of ICs & Systems, Aix-en-Provence, France.

    27 Sept: SCAM 2003, 3rd IEEE Int'l Workshop on Source Code Analysis & Manipulation (collocated with ICSM 2003), Amsterdam.

    27 Sept.-1 Oct: PACT 2003, 12th Int'l Conf. on Parallel Architectures & Compilation Techniques, New Orleans.

    30 Sept.-1 Oct: ISESE 2003, IEEE Int'l Symp. on Empirical Software Eng., Rome.

    30 Sept.-2 Oct: ITC 2003, Int'l Test Conf., Charlotte, N.C.

October 2003

    2-3 Oct: BTW 2003, Board Test Workshop, (with ITC 2003), Charlotte, N.C.

    6-8 Oct: SRDS 2003, 22nd Int'l Symp. on Reliable Distributed Systems, Florence, Italy.

    6-10 Oct: ASE 2003, 18th IEEE Int'l Conf. on Automated Software Eng., Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

    7-9 Oct: ISMAR 2003, Int'l Symp. on Mixed & Augmented Reality, Tokyo.

    9-10 Oct: WMCSA 2003, 5th IEEE Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems & Applications, Santa Cruz, Calif.

    11-14 Oct: FOCS 2003, 44th IEEE Ann. Symp. on Foundations of Computer Science, Cambridge, Mass. Contact Michael Mitzenmacher,

    12-13 Oct: VS-PETS 2003, Joint IEEE Int'l Workshop on Visual Surveillance & Performance Evaluation of Tracking & Surveillance, Nice, France.

    12-15 Oct: MASCOTS 2003, 11th IEEE/ACM Int'l Symp. on Modeling, Analysis & Simulation of Computer & Telecommunication Systems, Orlando, Fla.

    13-15 Oct: ICCD 2003, IEEE Int'l Conf. on Computer Design, San Jose, Calif.

    13-17 Oct: WI 2003, IEEE/WIC Int'l Conf. on Web Intelligence, Beijing.

    13-17 Oct: IAT 2003, IEEE/WIC Int'l Conf. on Intelligent Agent Technology (with WI 2003), Beijing.

    14-17 Oct: ICCV 2003, 9th Int'l Conf. on Computer Vision, Nice, France.

    15-17 Oct: AIPR 2003, 32nd Applied Imagery Pattern Recognition Workshop: Imagery & Data Fusion, Washington, D.C.

    18 Oct: PROCAMS 2003, IEEE Int'l Workshop on Projector-Camera Systems (with ICCV 2003), Beijing.

    18 Oct: RATFG 2003, 3rd IEEE Int'l Workshop on Recognition, Analysis, & Tracking of Faces & Gestures (with ICCV 2003), Beijing.

    18 Oct: HLK 2003, IEEE 1st Workshop on Higher-Level Knowledge in 3D Modeling & Motion Analysis (with ICCV 2003), Beijing.

    19-20 Oct: WOMTEC 2003, Int'l Workshop on Multimedia Technologies in E-Learning & Collaboration (with ICCV 2003), Beijing.

    19-24 Oct: IEEE Visualization 2003, Seattle.

    20-21 Oct: IVR 2003, 2nd IEEE Workshop on Image & Video Registration (with ICCV 2003), Taipei.

    20-24 Oct: UML 2003, 6th Int'l Conf. on the Unified Modeling Language: "Modeling Languages & Applications," San Francisco.

    20-24 Oct: LCN 2003, 28th Ann. IEEE Conf. on Local Computer Networks, Königswinter, Germany.

    21-23 Oct: ISWC 2003, 7th IEEE Int'l Symp. on Wearable Computers, White Plains, N.Y.

    22-24 Oct: KMN 2003, IEEE Int'l Workshop on Knowledge Media Networking Workshop, Tokyo. http://

    23-25 Oct: DS-RT 2003, 7th IEEE Int'l Symp. on Distributed Simulation & Real-Time Applications, Delft, Netherlands.

    28-31 Oct: HCC 2003, IEEE Symp. on Human-Centric Computing Languages & Environments, Auckland, New Zealand.

    30 Oct.-1 Nov: CASES 2003, Int'l Conf. on Compilers, Architecture, & Synthesis for Embedded Systems, San Jose, Calif.

November 2003

    3-5 Nov: DFT 2003, 18th Int'l Symp. on Defect & Fault Tolerance in VLSI Systems, Cambridge, Mass.

    3-5 Nov: ICTAI 2003, 15th IEEE Int'l Conf. on Tools with AI, Sacramento, Calif.

    4-7 Nov: ICNP 2003, 11th IEEE Int'l Conf. on Network Protocols, Atlanta.

    5-8 Nov: FIE 2003, Frontiers in Education Conf., Boulder, Colo.

    9-13 Nov: ICCAD 2003, IEEE/ACM Int'l Conf. on Computer Aided Design, San Jose, Calif.

    15-21 Nov: SC 2003, Phoenix, Ariz.

    17-19 Nov: ATS 2003, 12th Asian Test Symp., Xi'an, China.

    17-20 Nov: ISSRE 2003, 14th Int'l Symp. on Software Reliability Eng., Denver.

    19-22 Nov: ICDM 2003, 3rd IEEE Int'l Conf. on Data Mining, Melbourne, Fla.

    20-21 Nov: WRTLT 2003, 4th Workshop on RTL & High-Level Testing, Xi'an, China.

December 2003

    1-4 Dec: Cluster 2003, IEEE Int'l Conf. on Cluster Computing, Hong Kong.

    2-4 Dec: SEW 28, 28th Ann. IEEE/NASA Software Eng. Workshop, Greenbelt, Md.

    3-5 Dec: RTSS 2003, 24th IEEE Int'l Real-Time Systems Symp., Cancun, Mexico.

    3-5 Dec: CW 2003, Int'l Conf. on Cyberworlds, Singapore.

    3-5 Dec: MICRO-36, 36th Ann. IEEE/ACM Int'l Symp. on Microarchitecture, San Diego, Calif. www.

    10-12 Dec: MSE 2003, 5th Int'l Symp. on Multimedia Software Eng., Taichung, Taiwan.

    14-17 Dec: ISSPIT 2003, IEEE Int'l Symp. on Signal Processing & Information Technology, Darmstadt, Germany. Contact Abdelhak Zoubir,

January 2004

    19-22 Jan: MDM 2004, 5th Int'l Conf. on Mobile Data Management, Berkeley, Calif.

March 2004

    14-17 Mar: PerCom 2004, IEEE Int'l Conf. on Pervasive Computing & Comm., Kissimmee, Fla.

    23-25 Mar: WMTE 2004, 2nd IEEE Int'l Workshop on Wireless & Mobile Technologies in Education, Taoyuan, Taiwan.

    28-29 Mar: SSIAI 2004, IEEE Southwest Symp. on Image Analysis & Interpretation, Stateline, Nev. Contact Hamed.Sari-Sarraf@ttu.du.

    29-31 Mar: EEE 2004, IEEE Int'l Conf. on e-Technology, e-Commerce, & e-Service, Taiwan.

    29-31 Mar: AINA 2004, 18th Int'l Conf. on Advanced Information Networking & Applications, Fukuoka, Japan.

    30 Mar.-2 Apr: ICDE 2004, 20th Int'l Conf. on Data Eng., Boston.

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