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IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine will feature a special issue on mHealth: mobile technologies for health applications.

Potential topics include Web-based mobile medical systems; 2.5G/3G mobile systems and ad hoc networks; sensors and signal processing for mHealth applications; space telemedicine and satellite applications; and standardization, regulation, and legal issues. Guest editors are Robert S.H. Istepanian from Brunel University, Emil Jovanov from the University of Alabama in Huntsville, and Yuanting Zhang from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The full call for papers is available at The submission deadline is 30 Aug.

IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine is now cosponsored by the IEEE Computer Society.



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Call for Articles for Computer

Computer seeks articles for a December 2003 special issue on power-aware and temperature-aware computing. The guest editors are Mircea R. Stan and Kevin Skadron from the University of Virginia.

An integrated and coordinated set of design techniques is required to successfully manage growing power and thermal demands while still meeting performance, reliability, and cost targets.

Despite the continuous scaling of processes and supply voltages and the increased awareness of low-power issues in the computer design and design automation communities, power consumption by state-of-the-art integrated circuits has continually increased in recent years. This apparent paradox results from the increased density enabled by process scaling and a multilayer interconnect, coupled with increases in area, especially in clock frequency, and driven by an insatiable market for high-performance systems.

Temperature is also on the verge of becoming a first-class design constraint along with the more traditional cost, performance, and power constraints. The increasing importance of thermal effects stems from an exponential increase in on-chip power densities, with today's processors having power densities greater than a hot plate and within an order of magnitude of a rocket nozzle.

Research, characterization, and survey papers are requested for this special issue. Topics of interest include circuit, architecture, and system techniques for regulating static and dynamic power; improved models for power, current delivery, and operating temperature; compiler-hardware and OS-hardware cooperation; and methods for optimizing energy efficiency subject to real-time or quality-of-service requirements.

Send inquiries to and Submit pdf documents by 1 June to and specify the December 2003 special issue on power-aware and temperature-aware computing.

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