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Issue No. 06 - June (vol. 8)
ISSN: 0018-9162

Computer (PDF)

pp. c1

Everybody Wins (PDF)

pp. c2

Table of Contents (PDF)

pp. 1

From the President (PDF)

pp. 2-3

Calendar (PDF)

pp. 5-79

Call for Papers (PDF)

pp. 8-79

Update (PDF)

pp. 9-19

Highlights of the 1974 Lake Arrowhead Workshop (PDF)

W.F. Ross , M & S Computing, Inc.
pp. 20-22

Session I Structured Programming: Concepts and Definitions (PDF)

J. Naughton , IBM Federal Systems Division
pp. 23-24

Fortran Can it be Structured-Should it be? (PDF)

E. Horowitz , University Southern California
pp. 30-37

Stuctured Programming at McAuto (PDF)

C.E. Holmes , McDonnell-Dougles Automation Co.
pp. 41-43

Measuring Programming Improvement at IBM-FSD (PDF)

R. McHenry , IBM Federal Systems Division
pp. 49

Experienced and Accomplishments with Structured Programming (PDF)

E.K. Gordon , Caine, Farber & Gordon, Inc.
pp. 50-53

Concluding Remarks (PDF)

B.W. Boehm , TRW Systems
pp. 53-54

The Need for Improved Programming Language (PDF)

C.T. Zahn , Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
pp. 63-64

The Structuring Engine: A Transition Tool (PDF)

G. de Balbine , Caine, Farber & Gordon, Inc.
pp. 64-65

A Formal Design for Softare (PDF)

L. Robinson , Stanford Research Institute
pp. 66

Structured Code via Stack Machine (PDF)

R. Bigelow , Burroughs Corp.
pp. 67

Structured Programming Applied to Equipment Testing (PDF)

J. Towaley , Masschusettes Computer Associates
pp. 68

Software Development for Distributed Systems (PDF)

D.J. Faber , University of California
pp. 68-69

The Need for Language Advances (PDF)

A.S. Liddle , TRW System Group
pp. 69

Preparing for Future Needs (PDF)

N. Prywes , University of Pennsylvania
pp. 70-72

Conclusions (PDF)

G. de Balbine , Caine, Farber & Gordon, Inc.
pp. 72-73

Introduction to the Role of Redundancy in Computer Arithmetic (PDF)

D.E. Atkins , The University of Michigan
pp. 74-77

Classified Ads (PDF)

pp. 78

Product Profile (PDF)

pp. 78

New Products (PDF)

D.A. Michalopoulos , California State University
pp. 80-84

New Applications (PDF)

D.A. Michalopoulos , California State University
pp. 86-87

Repository (PDF)

pp. 88-91

Book Reviews (PDF)

pp. 92

The Bookshelf (PDF)

pp. 92

Computer Spoken Here (PDF)

pp. 92
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