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Introducing the New Editor in Chief

Gabriel Taubin, Brown University

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It’s with great pleasure that I introduce Miguel Encarnação as the acting editor in chief of IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications.

Miguel joined the CG&A editorial board in 2002 as an associate editor, sharing responsibility with the late Carl Machover as coeditor of the New Products department. He served as a guest editor of the September/October 2003 special issue on Perceptual Multimodal Interfaces and the March/April 2009 special issue on Serious Games. In 2005, he and John Dill started the popular Graphically Speaking department. He then took on the key role of associate editor in chief for general submissions in 2007.

I joined CG&A as editor in chief almost four years ago as an outsider; at the time I wasn’t even an editorial-board member. With strong support from the editorial board, staff members, and particularly former EIC Maureen Stone and Miguel, I was able to transition into my role.

With Miguel’s intimate knowledge of CG&A, a smooth transition is guaranteed this time. I can’t think of anyone else at this point in time who’s better qualified.

Hello to Miguel Encarnação

Miguel is the chief innovation officer at ACT, a nonprofit organization that provides assessment, research, and program management solutions in education and workforce development. He heads ACT’s transformation into an innovation leader in its industry, directing the design and development of culture, processes, capabilities, resources, partnerships, products, and services.

A German native of Portuguese descent, Miguel holds a BS, an MS, and a PhD in computer science from German universities, with an MS minor in business economics. He’s a recognized scientist in computer graphics, visualization, and human-computer interaction. Before joining ACT, he led emerging-technology innovation at Humana, a Fortune 100 US healthcare company. There, he introduced and proved the concepts of visual analytics, persuasive technology, and serious games in the context of understanding and influencing consumer behavior toward healthy lifestyles.

Miguel has been actively involved in academia as an adjunct professor of computer science and computer engineering throughout most of his professional career. Besides his contributions to CG&A over the last 11 years, he’s the author or coauthor of numerous contributions to peer-reviewed journals and conferences, and a keynote and panel speaker at conferences on emerging technology. His academic lectures and courses include advanced topics on visual perception, user experience design, human-computer interaction, visual analytics, and serious-game design, as well as VR and augmented-reality technologies, interaction techniques, and applications.

Farewell to Retiring Editorial-Board Members

I also bid farewell to three editorial-board members: David Kasik, Kari Pulli, and Diego Gutierrez.

David Kasik joined the editorial board in 2005. In 2007, he became the editor of the software side of the Tools and Products department, with Carl Machover editing the hardware side. Later in 2007, David became the sole editor of that department, which was one of the most widely read departments for many years. David was a guest editor of the November/December 2007 special issue on Real-Time Interaction with Complex Models. In 2010, David introduced Advanced Graphics Technology to alternate with Tools and Products.

Kari Pulli and Diego Gutierrez were both appointed during my tenure. They have been board members for more than three years, but their current commitments don’t allow them to continue.

I thank David, Kari, and Diego for their valuable contributions and wish them the best of luck in their new projects. Miguel will introduce incoming editorial-board members in subsequent issues of the magazine.

Farewell as Editor in Chief

I’ve served as EIC since January 2010, and my term is coming to an end. Working with the editorial board, I’ve tried to select special-issue themes that maintain a balance of interests, reflecting current trends and hot topics. CG&A has continued publishing scholarly articles and accessible opinion pieces on not only new computer graphics methods and technologies but also new, interesting, and exciting applications of those methods, along with tutorials to make the articles even more accessible.

IEEE Computer Society publications have undergone major changes and restructurings while I’ve been EIC, as a result of the ongoing transition from paper to electronic publishing. Challenges remain, but the process of creating a more efficient operation focused on the future of academic publishing continues. CG&A will have to adapt to the times, but I’m sure it will remain one of the most prominent publications in the field. Its quality and content continue to be outstanding: I credit the superb editorial board and a marvelous, hard-working professional editorial staff.

Thank you for the privilege of being your editor in chief.

About the Authors

Gabriel Taubin is an associate professor of engineering and computer science at Brown University. Contact him at
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