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3D Handheld Control Display Unit

IEE Inc. has integrated 3M's autostereoscopic 3D film, which requires no 3D glasses or headgear, into a handheld 4.8-inch control display unit (CDU; see Figure 1). The CDUs are sunlight-readable units designed for mounting on soldiers or vehicles, or for handheld use. The backlit-enhanced displays are available in a range of sizes and resolutions, as well as with low-power, high-performance reprogrammable microprocessors supporting industry-standard peripherals and communication protocols. The device operator interfaces are matched to application-specific I/O needs through buttons, keypads, and touchscreen technologies responding to stylus, finger, or gloved-hand input.

Graphic: IEE Inc.'s handheld control display unit employs 3M's autostereoscopic 3D film, which requires no 3D glasses or headgear.

Figure 1   IEE Inc.'s handheld control display unit employs 3M's autostereoscopic 3D film, which requires no 3D glasses or headgear.

Initially developed for use in terrain mapping, remote robotics control, and enhanced video feeds, the 3D display is now available for all rugged military display applications from remote observation to training environments. The unit's small size and LED backlight technology provide a low-power, portable device with a higher resolution than other displays using 3D technology, according to IEE.

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Holographic Display System

Digital Video Enterprises' DVE 3D CreateSpace brings trainers and team leaders into videoconferencing from distant sites, imaging them on a transparent holographic display system. Viewers see the floating images of these people standing at a real podium, and they can look around and behind these images. The DVE Immersive Podium displays presentations on a wide-area augmented-reality transparent image plane. Presentations can include live interaction with 3D objects. According to DVE, the virtual presence's realism ensures that group interaction replicates an in-person experience.

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Professional Image Production

RTT's DeltaPix 1.0 software lets users create professional images based on 3D data. The technology works with CAD, CAS (computer-aided styling), and 3D data, as well as with ready-made scenes from RTT DeltaGen. In a few steps, users can generate realistic images and animations for any design and engineering application, according to RTT. Integration in RTT DeltaGen environments, as well as the possibility to import JT or PLM (product lifecycle management) XML data, promotes streamlined access to PLM and PDM (product data management) systems and a flexible, efficient workflow, says the company. DeltaPix supports many file formats, and users don't need 3D knowledge to generate images.

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3D PDF Converter

Tetra 4D's 3D PDF Converter 3.3 runs in Adobe Acrobat to enable 3D interaction and collaboration in Adobe Reader. According to Tetra 4D, the 3D ecosystem increases productivity and saves time by allowing ubiquitous sharing and collaboration with anyone inside or outside the enterprise. The converter supports PTC's Creo, Dassault Systems' Catia V6, Parasolid V24, and the current draft specification of the STEP AP (Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data Application Protocol) 242. Tetra 4D supports all major CAD and 3D exchange formats. No CAD license is required.

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