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Comings, Goings, and a Contest

Gabriel , Brown University

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Here's the latest on what's happening at CG&A.

New Tutorials Editor

Anselmo Lastra has been on CG&A's editorial board since January 2006 and has been the tutorials editor since March 2007. He's also a professor and department chair of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Department of Computer Science. Since he became the chair two years ago, his UNC workload has significantly increased. So, he has decided to step down from the editorial board. I thank Anselmo for his many contributions to CG&A as tutorials editor, and I wish him the best of luck in his new projects. I've certainly enjoyed working with him since joining CG&A in 2009.

I'm glad to report that Cindy Grimm has accepted my invitation to become the new tutorials editor. She joined our editorial board in November 2010, and I introduced her in my column in the January/February 2011 issue. I look forward to working more closely with her in her new role.

Multimedia-Enhanced Articles

Many CG&A articles describe problems associated with dynamic data types (interaction, animation, video processing, and so on), which are sometimes difficult to illustrate using a static medium such as a print magazine. So, I encourage authors to submit additional multimedia content to enhance their articles. Good-quality videos, animations, interactive applets, software, and other Web-based material will go on CG&A's Computing Now webpage ( and will be available in our digital library ( When appropriate, CG&A's multimedia content will also appear on Computing Now's main page (, which regularly features our content, distributed for free. I encourage you to regularly visit these webpages.

Best-Article Award

To encourage you to write for CG&A, we will be offering an annual best-article award in the near future. The associate editors in chief and I will select the best article for the award. Our selection process won't require authors to do anything beyond what they currently do—they just need to continue submitting excellent articles for publication. I'll announce the winning article in this column; its authors will receive US$500 (to be divided among them any way they deem suitable), a certificate, and well-deserved peer recognition.

That's all for now. I'd appreciate your comments on anything related to CG&A and computer graphics. You can contact me at

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