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Issue No.02 - March/April (2011 vol.31)
pp: 14-23
Ling Yang , State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science
Liqiang Zhang , State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science
Jingtao Ma , PTV America
Zhizhong Kang , China University of Geosciences
Lixin Zhang , State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science
Jonathan Li , University of Waterloo
Real-time rendering of large-scale vector maps over terrain surfaces requires displaying substantial numbers of polylines and polygons. Because a long latency in display and manipulation is fatal to maintaining presence in a virtual environment, a new method efficiently simplifies and renders such maps. This method consists of three steps. First, it simplifies the vector map while maintaining the map's topological consistency and preventing local conflicts such as intersections or self-intersections. Second, it generates view-dependent level-of-detail (LOD) models. Finally, it overlays the maps onto multiresolution terrain models through the stencil shadow volume algorithm and other techniques. Experiments demonstrated the method's efficiencies in real-time rendering of large-scale vector maps over various LOD terrain surfaces.
vector map, simplification, level of detail, digital elevation models, overlay, computer graphics, graphics and multimedia
Ling Yang, Liqiang Zhang, Jingtao Ma, Zhizhong Kang, Lixin Zhang, Jonathan Li, "Efficient Simplification of Large Vector Maps Rendered onto 3D Landscapes", IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, vol.31, no. 2, pp. 14-23, March/April 2011, doi:10.1109/MCG.2010.63
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