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Editorial Board: Additions and Subtractions

Gabriel , Brown University

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As time goes by, change is unavoidable, and we're not exempt. In this issue, I'm sad to have to bid farewell to one long-time CG&A editorial board member but happy to introduce two new ones.

William Ribarsky, who has served on our editorial board for many years, has decided to step down. He's the Bank of America Endowed Chair in Information Technology at the University of North Carolina (UNC), Charlotte, and the founding director of the Charlotte Visualization Center. Since 2009, he's also been chair of UNC's Computer Science Department. His demanding schedule has made it increasingly difficult for him to continue contributing to CG&A with the same intensity he'd prefer. In addition, Ribarsky is working on a proposal for a new journal in visual analytics, which is his main area of interest. I thank him for his contributions to CG&A and wish him the best of luck in his new projects.

Gitta Domik has accepted my invitation to join the editorial board. She'll lead an effort to start a new education and training department. Since 1992, Domik has been active on ACM Siggraph's Education Committee as a European representative, providing resources for educators in the areas of visualization and interdisciplinary learning. She chairs the education for visualization subcommittee. I welcome her to the editorial board and look forward to her contributions.

Kari Pulli has also accepted my invitation to join the board. Pulli has been an active contributor to several mobile graphics standards and heads many graphics research activities at Nokia. He received the Khronos Outstanding Services award in 2006 for his contributions to several Khronos standards, including OpenGL ES and OpenVG. Before Nokia, Pulli worked on graphics at Stanford University (on their Digital Michelangelo Project), Alias Wavefront, Silicon Graphics, and Microsoft. He spent two years as a visiting scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He also taught computer graphics at the University of Oulu for several years as an adjunct faculty member. He brings valuable expertise in mobile computing to the editorial board. I look forward to his contributions.

Finally, I am writing this message a few days before Siggraph 2010. I've attended Siggraph for the past 15 years. As always, I'm looking forward to learning about the latest advances in computer graphics and interactive techniques as well as seeing the new products that will be introduced at the trade show. I plan to report on my experience at Siggraph in the next issue as well as on Computing Now (

This is all for now. I'll continue communicating with you through this column in future issues. In the meantime, enjoy the issue.

CG&A Welcomes New Editorial Board Members



Gitta Domik is a professor in the University of Paderborn's Department of Computer Science. Her research interests include exposition therapy in virtual worlds, medical volume data analysis, real-time volume rendering, computer graphics education, and interdisciplinary education. She has a Dr. Techn. in computer science from the Technical University Graz. She's a member of the IEEE Computer Society, the ACM, and the German Society of Computer Science. Contact her at



Kari Pulli is a fellow at the Nokia Research Center in Palo Alto, California, where he heads a research team working on mobile imaging. His research interests include graphics technology and standardization. Pulli has a PhD in computer science from University of Washington and an Executive MBA from the University of Oulu. He's on the editorial board of Computers and Graphics. Contact him at

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