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CG&A's New Associate Editor in Chief

Gabriel , Brown University

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Holly Rushmeier, who's served as associate editor in chief (AEIC) for special issues since 2007, has recently been appointed co-editor in chief of Eurographics' Computer Graphics Forum, effective May 2010. Owing to her increased responsibilities and numerous other commitments, Holly has decided she'll be unable to continue serving effectively in her current CG&A role. Holly has been an incredible asset to the magazine for a long time. She's taken on several leadership roles on the editorial board since joining in 2002. In 2004, she took over as AEIC of general submissions when Markus Gross stepped down, and she replaced Maureen Stone as AEIC of special issues when Maureen became editor in chief in 2007.

Because Maureen has interacted closely with Holly for many years, I asked Maureen to contribute to this message. She states that

Holly has generally been one of our most important contributors to the editorial board during my tenure as editor in chief because of her broad experience with the research community and academic publishing. She has a wide experience in the IEEE, ACM, and Eurographics publishing communities. I could count on her broad perspective when solving problems or charting directions for CG&A. She seemed always in touch with the latest research and researchers, which was especially helpful not only in her role of managing theme issues but also in selecting new board members to complement the expertise of current board members. She is experienced and wise, and always helpful. Anything she would agree to do, she would do excellently. She has a wonderful no-nonsense way of getting to the heart of a matter and pushing to a solution.

Although I've interacted with Holly for only a few months on CG&A's board, I fully agree with Maureen. This is so not only because of her contributions to the magazine during this short time but also because I have a close professional relationship with her. We worked together for several years at IBM Research, starting in the late '90s. In fact, the results of some of our projects from that era were published in CG&A! When I became editor in chief in January this year, I was really looking forward to working with Holly again and relying on her broad expertise. It's unfortunate that this interaction didn't last long, but it was very productive. I wish Holly great success in her new role as co-editor in chief of Computer Graphics Forum. We'll continue collaborating in different ways across publication boundaries.

Welcome, Carol O' Sullivan

Holly's replacement as AEIC is Carol O'Sullivan. Carol has been a CG&A editorial board member for more than three years, and the board overwhelmingly supported her nomination. Her broad expertise in human perception, computer animation, and virtual humans and crowds, as well as her numerous professional activities, makes her the ideal person for this position.

Carol is an associate professor of computer science and the dean of graduate studies at Trinity College Dublin (TCD) as well as a former department chair. Despite her administrative responsibilities, she has continued to lead a strong research program at TCD, where she directs the Graphics, Vision, and Visualization group, which currently comprises about 15 PhD students and postdocs.

After receiving her BA in mathematics from TCD in 1988, Carol worked for several years as a software engineer in industry (mainly in Germany), followed by a master's degree in computer applications from Dublin City University in 1996 and a PhD in computer graphics from TCD in 1999. She was elected a TCD Fellow in 2003 and a Eurographics Fellow in 2007.

She's been a member of many international program committees, including the Eurographics and Siggraph papers committees, and has published more than 100 peer-reviewed papers. She has organized and cochaired several conferences and workshops, including the 2001 Siggraph/Eurographics Campfire on Perceptually Adaptive Graphics, Eurographics 2005, and the 2006 Siggraph/Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation. She was the program cochair of the 2009 Siggraph Symposium on Applied Perception in Graphics and Visualization.

Carol is co-editor in chief of ACM Transactions on Applied Perception and is on the editorial boards of Computers and Graphics and Graphical Models. For CG&A, she served as a guest editor of the July/August 2009 special issue on virtual populace and as associate editor for general submissions in her field of expertise. It's with great pleasure that I welcome Carol to her new role as AEIC for special issues. I look forward to a productive collaboration with her.

In the next issue, I'll introduce some new members of the editorial board. In the meantime, enjoy the issue.

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