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Our Departments: Charting the Path of Computer Graphics

Gabriel , Brown University

Pages: pp. 6-7

In this installment, I discuss CG&A's departments and encourage you to consider submitting an article to one or more of them.


This department covers using CG to solve real-world problems. It comes from consistent feedback from readers requesting more practical content, real-world applications, implementation details, experience-related information, and more bridging of the gap between theory and application. The department presents interesting or unique CG application techniques and technologies in different problem domains.

Send submissions to department editor Mike Potel at

Visualization Viewpoints

This department covers technical opinions and research on visualization techniques. It highlights the diverse fields using graphics, imaging, and other visualization methods to understand results from research, engineering, business, and other areas. Articles discuss visualization trends or report on how visualization has contributed to data comprehension. They can also describe challenges to or limitations of today's methods and suggest potential research areas.

In addition, we're interested in application write-ups that focus on visualization in the physical, life, or social sciences; engineering; or commerce or that relate to the general visualization process. Such write-ups should emphasize lessons learned from practical experience, particularly where visualization has been employed in a real working environment.

Send submissions to department editor Theresa-Marie Rhyne at

Projects in VR

Virtual reality deals with 3D visualizations involving interactions in which objects have a sense of presence (that is, they behave like objects and not like pictures of objects). VR also often includes multisensory aspects. This department emphasizes VR applications or advances in the many areas that constitute VR. The latter could include nongraphics topics such as the use of audio or haptics in immersive environments. The department also covers advances in theory that can be described in the limited space allotted.

To submit an article or suggest a possible topic, contact department editors Lawrence J. Rosenblum at and Simon Julier at

Graphically Speaking

This department provides a forum for researchers and practitioners. It encompasses not just CG and human-computer interaction but application areas including art, entertainment, education, industry, and defense. The department highlights the diverse influences on interactive CG and its impacts, the breadth of its technological and application challenges, and the promises and changes it might hold for the future. It aims to offer detailed personal opinions, retrospectives, manifestos, predictions, subjective comparisons, and impressions.

This department also aims to provide a link between CG pioneers and the legions of contemporary researchers, practitioners, and application developers. It presents an opportunity to redefine tomorrow's CG by offering a podium for provocative opinions and a medium for heated discussion. Send submissions to department editor Miguel Encarnação at


CG&A's tutorials present a overview of interesting, timely CG topics at an appropriate level of detail and written at a level that's understandable to most CG&A readers (people with some knowledge of CG basics but who might have little knowledge of the particular topic). To submit a tutorial, contact Anselmo Lastra at

Tools and Products

Department editor Dave Kasik and contributing editor Carl Machover present descriptions and reviews of tools and products useful to the CG community. Send your recommendations to

Advanced Graphics Technology

This department, which alternates with Tools and Products, features brief descriptions of significant CG research that could well show up in future products. Send your recommendations to

For more detailed information, including acceptance criteria and submission information, visit

I'll continue communicating with you through this column in future issues. In the meantime, enjoy the issue.

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