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Issue No.06 - November/December (2007 vol.27)
pp: 36-46
Andreas Dietrich , Saarland University
Abe Stephens , University of Utah
Ingo Wald , University of Utah
Unlike rasterization, which draws and shades triangles individually, ray tracing simulates propagation of light between surfaces in a scene and enables advanced effects such as transparency, shadows, and ambient occlusion--effects not easily accomplished in other massive-model rendering approaches. This article describes the application of ray tracing to several aircraft manufacturing scenarios.
ray tracing, real-time rendering, parallel rendering, large model visualization, CAD
Andreas Dietrich, Abe Stephens, Ingo Wald, "Exploring a Boeing 777: Ray Tracing Large-Scale CAD Data", IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, vol.27, no. 6, pp. 36-46, November/December 2007, doi:10.1109/MCG.2007.147
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