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Digitizer for PCI Platform

Gage Applied Technologies released the CompuScope 14200, a general-purpose digitizer for precision signal capture. The product features 14-bit, 200 mega samples per second on two simultaneous channels; up to 1 giga sample on-board acquisition memory; 32-bit, 66-MHz PCI standards to transfer data at 200 Mbytes per second; and time-stamping, digital inputs, and gated captures.

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PMC Board Provides More Power

Dy 4 Systems announced the PMC-106 symmetric multiprocessing dual PowerPC 7447 processor PCI mezzanine card (PMC). The PMC-106 comes with one or two Altivec-enabled Motorola MPC7447 processors operating at up to 1 GHz, each with 64 Kbytes of L1 cache, and 512 Kbytes of internal L2 cache. The dual processor version can support operating systems such as Linux that provide symmetric multiprocessing. The PMC-106 provides 256 Mbytes of double-data rate SDRAM, providing 2 Gbytes per second of peak memory bandwidth.

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PCI Board for High Definition Video

LSI Logic announced enhancements to its HDTVxpress Compressor PCI board. Features include support for capture and encoding of 1,080p/24 fps film format, a multipass variable bit-rate process, frame-accurate start/stop control, and a software development kit with Windows 2000/XP drivers, a sample GUI application, example source code, and tutorials. HDTVxpress also includes HD-SDI input, DVB-ASI output, and support for real-time MPEG-2 encoding.

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Extender Sends HD Video Over CAT-5 Cable

Gefen released HDTV Extender, a high-definition video extension that transmits audio and video data up to 150 feet over CAT-5 cable. The Extender is available in two models: one for the digital visual interface format (for transmitting high-resolution, uncompressed digital video data) and the other for the high-definition multimedia interface (for transmitting high-resolution, uncompressed digital video and multichannel audio). The product is compliant with the high-bandwidth digital content protection encryption method. The Extender comes with its own sender and receiver units (powered by a single 5-v external supply) and connection cables.

The HDTV Extender retails for $499. For more information visit

3D Tracker

Vicon released the Vicon Tracker, a wireless 3D optical tracking system for virtual and immersive environments. The system's software automatically calculates the center of every marker, reconstructs its 3D position, identifies each marker and object, and outputs 6 degrees of freedom information in reportedly less than 7 milliseconds.

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Graphic: Researchers at the University of Salford, UK, are using the Vicon Tracker system for gesture recognition

Figure    Researchers at the University of Salford, UK, are using the Vicon Tracker system for gesture recognition

10/100 Ethernet Switches

SMC Networks added two additions to its TigerSwitch family: the SMC6709GL2 Compact 8-Port 10/100 + one 1000Base-SX MMF Standalone Managed Switch and the SMC6708L2 8-Port 10/100 Standalone Managed Switch.

The SMC6709GL2 has eight auto-MDIX 10Base-T/100Base-TX ports and one 1000Base-SX port and supports distances of up to 550 meters and has one fixed Gigabit fiber uplink. In addition both switches feature quality of service, IEEE 802.1Q virtual LAN, the GARP VLAN Registration Protocol, and priority queuing for delivering mission-critical data and security for different multicast groups.

The SMC6709GL2 costs $415.99 and the SMC6708L2 costs $276.99. For more information visit


Close-range Photogrammetry

Vexcel is releasing FotoG, a product that combines remote sensing and close-range photogrammetry. The software provides geospecific 3D urban authoring capabilities by merging data collected via satellite or aerial sensors with images captured by handheld digital cameras. With this software, users can add photo textures to building exteriors and interiors for detailed 3D models. The models can then be manipulated in computer-aided design, geographic information systems, and simulator environments.

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Graphic: Examples of geospecific phototextures added to 3D urban models using Vexcel's FotoG close-range photogrammetry system

Figure    Examples of geospecific phototextures added to 3D urban models using Vexcel's FotoG close-range photogrammetry system

Nonphotorealistic rendering for AutoCAD

McNeel has announced the release of Penguin for AutoCAD, a nonphotorealistic rendering software for 3D vehicle design. The software lets designers communicate ideas and concepts without a finished model and without having to add irrelevant details when they're in the early stages of the design process. The product offers sketch-style rendering that simulates pencil, ink, chalk, pen, marker, and watercolor designs. It comes with configurable parameters for wavy or straight lines, as well as control over line width, intensity, and color. It also offers cartoon-style rendering, with three shading levels (highlight, base, and shadow) with reportedly sharp transitions. The software can render silhouettes, borders, and crease edges in the cartoon style, as well as letting the designer select a background image and control antialiasing.

Rhino users can download a free Penguin for AutoCAD to run on the same system where they currently run Penguin for Rhino. Others can purchase the software for $195 from

Built-in image filters and raytracing

TNT Screen Capture is a screen capture and image-editing tool by EC software. It creates enhanced screen shots for technical documentation and illustration and has built-in image filters. Users can add soft shadows, cursor symbols, and other image effects such as a roughly cut paper edge. The software also has a built-in raytracing unit that renders a screen shot in 3D. Additional effects include the ability to add text, bubbles, frames, icons, and symbols from a tool window. Every object has shadow and transparency options, as well as a fading semitransparent overlay capability. Users can resize, crop, and change colors in the images.

A single-user license costs $44.90. For more information visit

Graphic: Sample screen shot of EC's TNT Screen Capture software

Figure    Sample screen shot of EC's TNT Screen Capture software

Edit and encode DVDs

Sony's Vegas 5 is the latest version of its nonlinear professional video- and audio-editing application. The upgrade offers increased functionality, such as control surface automation, 3D planar compositing, and network rendering. Additional features for the upgrade include keyframable Bezier masks, transition progress envelopes, subtitle/text export to DVD, Flash importing, Acid software loop properties support, keyboard event pitch shifting, film-style surround panning, downmix monitoring, external control surface support, customizable keyboard mapping, media subclips, and real-time audiovisual event reversals.

Sony Vegas 5 costs $699.95. For more information visit

Edit and Convert raster to vector

WiseImage Pro GEO is's standalone raster-processing application, customized for the cadastral and geographic information systems market. The software reportedly combines fast, high-accuracy, full-color, scanning technology with a powerful editor and raster-to-vector converter. The application has tools for handling maps, plans, aerial photography, or sketches. It has a Windows XP-style interface, and offers support for Visual Basic Script and JavaScript. The product offers access to a raster–vector imagery editor or raster–contour converter within the application by using a set of original geo-focused processing tools, including the ability to develop custom scripts. It also lets the user load multiple raster images and handle them simultaneously.

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