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Issue No.06 - November-December (1997 vol.17)
pp: 71-79
The analysis of complex dynamical systems produces large amounts of data that have to be interpreted efficiently. Visualizing the phase space of such systems illustrates geometrically the behavior of the underlying dynamics. This work investigates the visualization of Wonderland, a four-dimensional econometric model that describes interactions between population growth, economic activity, and environmental implications. Wonderland belongs to a class of interesting dynamical systems with pronounced slow-fast dynamics-some variables change much faster than others. The behavior of the Wonderland model can be characterized by equilibrium surfaces which are not streamsurfaces, that is, the flow does not stay within these surfaces. This article discusses the application and adaptation of various visualization techniques to analytically specified dynamical systems with these special properties.
vector field visualization, complex dynamical systems
Rainer Wegenkittl, Eduard Gröller, Werner Purgathofer, "Visualizing the Dynamical Behavior of Wonderland", IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, vol.17, no. 6, pp. 71-79, November-December 1997, doi:10.1109/38.626972
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