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Issue No.02 - March (1995 vol.15)
pp: 22-24
We present an efficient and simple method for animating vector data in 2D and 3D space by introducing time dependent textures. A common data form in science and engineering is a vector field in 2D or 3D space. This data may represent information such as fluid velocity or displacement of points in a continuum. The major challenge facing the engineer or scientist is to efficiently develop an understanding of the data. Commonly this is done with the aid of visual representations such as computer graphics. This new technique can be used for visualization of large data sets when conventional methods are either too slow or produce a display too cluttered to be comprehended by the user.
scientific visualization, vector field visualization, texture mapping, animation
Boris Yamrom, Kenneth M. Martin, "Vector Field Animation with Texture Maps", IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, vol.15, no. 2, pp. 22-24, March 1995, doi:10.1109/38.365001
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