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Issue No.01 - January/February (1994 vol.14)
pp: 30-39
<p> Clumsy intermediary devices constrain our interaction with computers and their applications. Glove-based input devices let us apply our manual dexterity to the task. We provide a basis for understanding the field by describing key hand-tracking technologies and applications using glove-based input. The bulk of development in glove-based input has taken place very recently, and not all of it is easily accessible in the literature. We present a cross-section of the field to date. Hand-tracking devices may use the following technologies: position tracking, optical tracking, marker systems, silhouette analysis, magnetic tracking or acoustic tracking. Actual glove technologies on the market include: Sayre glove, MIT LED glove, Digital Data Entry Glove, DataGlove, Dexterous HandMaster, Power Glove, CyberGlove and Space Glove. Various applications of glove technologies include projects into the pursuit of natural interfaces, systems for understanding signed languages, teleoperation and robotic control, computer-based puppetry, and musical performance.</p>
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