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Issue No.11 - November (1986 vol.6)
pp: 13-20
Eric Grant , University of North Carolina
Phil Amburn , University of North Carolina
Turner Whitted , University of North Carolina
The class concept is one component of objectoriented programming systems that has proven useful in organizing complex software. In experimenting with classes for geometric modeling applications, we have devised a class hierarchy that yields some conceptual order in the midst of diverse representations of shapes. Rather than search for a uniform primitive representation, we accept the diversity and build a framework combining dissimilar models in an orderly manner.
Eric Grant, Phil Amburn, Turner Whitted, "Exploiting Classes in Modeling and Display Software", IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, vol.6, no. 11, pp. 13-20, November 1986, doi:10.1109/MCG.1986.276657
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