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Issue No.01 - January-March (2007 vol.29)
pp: 34-48
Zbigniew Stachniak , York University, Canada
The SIM8-01 prototyping board was introduced by Intel in 1972 as a low-cost hardware aid for the development of applications involving Intel's 8008 microprocessor. This article traces the SIM8-01's development at Intel and analyzes its impact on the formation of the first wave of worldwide microcomputer activities.
microprocessor development system, microcomputer, personal computer, Intel 8008
Zbigniew Stachniak, "Intel SIM8-01: A Proto-PC", IEEE Annals of the History of Computing, vol.29, no. 1, pp. 34-48, January-March 2007, doi:10.1109/MAHC.2007.9
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