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Issue No.01 - January-March (2006 vol.28)
pp: 99-103
Michael R. Adamson , Adamson Historical Consulting
This biography of William F. Ballhaus Jr. discusses his role in creating the field of computational fluid dynamics at the NASA Ames Research Center.
William F. Ballhaus Jr., computational fluid dynamics, NASA Ames Research Center, Illiac IV, Numerical Aerodynamic Simulation facility
Michael R. Adamson, "Biographies", IEEE Annals of the History of Computing, vol.28, no. 1, pp. 99-103, January-March 2006, doi:10.1109/MAHC.2006.5
1. In 1970, Magnus and Yoshihara published a transonic solution for a practical lifting airfoil with embedded shock. See R. Magnus and H. Yoshihara, "Inviscid Transonic Flows Over Airfoils," AIAA J. Dec. 1970, pp. 2157-2162. Murman and Cole's relaxation algorithm, which calculated solutions to the transonic small-disturbance potential equation for supercritical flows about 2D airfoils, soon followed. See E.M. Murman and J.D. Cole, "Calculation of Plane Steady Transonic Flows," AIAA J., Jan. 1971, pp. 114-121.
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14. The winning paper was F.R. Bailey and W.F. Ballhaus, Comparisons of Computed and Experimental Pressures for Transonic Flows about Isolated Wings and Wing-Fuselage Configurations, NASA SP-347, pt. 2, 1975, pp. 1213-1231; H. Mark quoted in "Bailey/Ballhaus Honored," Astrogram,2 June 1977.
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