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Issue No.02 - April-June (1993 vol.15)
pp: 35-52
<p>Since the end of the First World War, when the number and scale of electric power networks increased, railroads were electrified, and power equipment became more complex, it has been important to do computational analyses as part of the design process. In the interwar period and during the Second World War, Westinghouse Electric Company created a series of specialized analog computing devices for use in its design work. These were replaced in 1946 by a general-purpose analog computer, the Anacom, which remained in operation until 1991. The following article describes these machines and the man, Edwin L. Harder, who was responsible for many of them.</p>
William Aspray, "Edwin L. Harder and the Anacom: Analog Computing at Westinghouse", IEEE Annals of the History of Computing, vol.15, no. 2, pp. 35-52, April-June 1993, doi:10.1109/85.207742
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