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Why Technology Projects Fail

27 October 2021–11:00 am ET

Steve Andriole

Professor of Business Technology in the Villanova School of Business at Villanova University

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There are tons of studies about why technology projects fail. Are these findings helpful? Evidently not, since – as everyone likes to say these days – failure is a feature, not a bug. The massive ERP business – $75B by 2030 – routinely experiences failure, and sometimes famously. Others report that CRM projects fail at nearly the same rate. Big data analytics projects also fail at an alarming rate. Digital transformation fails 70% of the time. There’s failures data everywhere!

So why do so many technology projects fail? There are at six baskets of problems: (1) poor project definitions, (2) scope mismanagement, (3) management ineptitude, (4) poor talent, (5) inconsistent executive support and. (6) corporate cultures that talk better technology games than they play. The failures research suggests that definition, scope and management problems can be “solved” with some professional discipline. It also suggests that not only are talent, support and culture problems the most difficult to solve, they’re also the ones avoided the most, which explains why so many projects fail, and will likely continue to fail. All of the problem baskets are discussed in this Webinar.


Future of Workforce

28 October 2021–10:00 am ET

Dejan Milojicic

Director at Hewlett Packard Labs

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This webinar is brought to you through a partnership among the Computer Society Distinguished Visitors Program, Corporate Liaison Program of IEEE Santa Clara Valley Section and IEEE Computer Society Chapter of Santa Clara Valley Section.

The combination of many economical, ecological, technological, and societal factors and the enabling of technological innovations will result in a major shift in the future of workforce which is here to stay beyond the pandemic. To better address these changes will require educating and influencing global industries, academia, and governments through recommendations to better adjust. This is the goal of this effort!

IEEE Industry Engagement organized 10 sponsored panels around the world to bring together industry, academia, government, and professional organizations leaders to collectively explore potential technologies and long-term visions of the future workforce. We addressed current and future-looking fifteen factors and fifteen technologies. We discussed how they can be applied towards future global workforce planning. In this presentation we will offer some intermediate results that will eventually comprise a comprehensive report made available globally.




Future Webinars:

Moore’s Law 1965 – 2016
2 November 2021 (1 pm ET)
Thomas Misa

Five Historical Lessons About Gender in Computing
3 November 2021 (1 pm ET)
Janet Abbate

Big Stream Data Analytics and Applications
4 November 2021 (11 am ET)
Latifur Khan

Armenia: Echoing to World Community and Building a New Heritage in Computer Science and Engineering
5 November 2021 (7 am ET)
Samvel Shoukourian

Mesh Shaders and the History of Computer Graphics
11 November 2021 (11 am ET)
Jon Peddie

Transparent, Trustworthy and Privacy-Preserving Supply Chain
12 November 2021 (12 am ET)
Salil Kanhere

Machine Learning Techniques for Radar Target Detection
9 December 2021 (11 am ET)
Enrique V. Carrera


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