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Upcoming Webinars:

Applications of WSN in Agriculture Industry

11 June 2021–9:30 am ET

Mohamed Rawidean Mohd Kassim

MIMOS (Malaysian Institute of Microelectronic Systems), the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation Malaysia

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Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), Cloud computing, Big Data and their convergence with the Internet of Things (IoT) offer vast opportunities to build decision support systems to solve many real-world problems. One of the most interesting fields having an increasing need for decision support systems is agricultural environment applications.

Agricultural environment monitoring has become an important field of control, providing real-time system and control communication with the physical world. An intelligent and smart WSN system can collect and process large amounts of data from the beginning of the monitoring and manage air quality, soil conditions, to weather situations. The proposed system collects and monitors information related to the growth environment of crops outside and inside greenhouses, using WSN sensors and CCTV cameras. The temperature and humidity sensors are developed in-house, and both sensors are very reliable. Furthermore, the system allows automatic control of the greenhouse environment remotely and thus improves the productivity of crops.




Consensus Protocols in Blockchain Systems

15 June 2021–12:00 pm ET

Anand Tripathi

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

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Bitcoin’s blockchain technology has emerged as an important approach for decentralized management of digital asset ownership. A blockchain is a replicated ledger for ownership transactions, maintained in a decentralized manner without requiring a central authority. A distributed consensus protocol is needed in a blockchain system to ensure a globally agreed total order of transaction blocks in the chain. For this, Bitcoin uses a technique based on the notion of Proof-of-Work (PoW), which requires solving a computationally hard cryptographic puzzle. This model poses inherent difficulties in scaling performance and it consumes inordinate amount of computing power. This webinar presents an overview of the Bitcoin’s PoW based consensus model and outlines several other approaches investigated and adopted in recent years for scaling performance of blockchain systems. These approaches include classical consensus protocols with Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT), alternate data structures such as direct acyclic graphs in place of a linear chain, and several other alternate proof-based (PoX) models such as Proof-of-Stake (PoS), Proof-of-Authority (PoA), and Proof-of-Elapsed Time (PoET).


Future Webinars:

Environment Modeling-based Requirements Engineering
15 July 2021 (8 am ET)
Zhi Jin

Sistemas Inteligentes, Frugales y Ciber-físicos: diseño e implementación
29 July 2021 (11 am ET)
Eldon Caldwell

Lessons Learned from an Industry/Government/Academic Collaboration in Educating Secure Software Developers
12 August 2021 (11 am ET)
Nancy Mead

Solving Global Grand Challenges with High Performance Data Analytics
9 September 2021 (11 am ET)
David Bader

Eight Key Ideas in Computer Architecture from Eight Decades of Innovation
30 September 2021 (11 am ET)
Behrooz Parhami

Secure Sourcing of COTS Products: A Critical Missing Element in Software Engineering Education
11 October 2021 (11 am ET)
Nancy Mead and Dan Shoemaker

Applying AI/ML to cybersecurity
14 October 2021 (11 am ET)
Dejan Milojicic

Moore’s Law 1965 – 2016
2 November 2021 (1 pm ET)
Thomas Misa

Big Stream Data Analytics and Applications
4 November 2021 (11 am ET)
Latifur Khan

Mesh Shaders and the History of Computer Graphics
11 November 2021 (11 am ET)
Jon Peddie

Transparent, Trustworthy and Privacy-Preserving Supply Chain
12 November 2021 (12 am ET)
Salil Kanhere

Machine Learning Techniques for Radar Target Detection
9 December 2021 (11 am ET)
Enrique V. Carrera


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