With gaming profits topping 91 billion worldwide last year, gaming technology is about to turn an unprecedented corner in gameplay experience.

Researchers are studying the latest innovations in user interface technologies to see what features provide the most satisfying, realistic user experience. The May/June 2017 issue of IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications discusses a study with 50 participants (38 males and 12 females), of varying ages and gaming expertise, playing a variety of popular games including Hustle Kings, Pain, The Fight, and Tumble.

Their findings concluded that combining three significant features provides the most immersive and engaging experience: stereoscopic 3D visuals, head tracking, and hand-gesture interfaces.

Soon, it will not be uncommon to see gamers wearing headsets, whipping their heads around, and alternately poking and punching the air. The increased physicality and realism these new features bring to gaming will plunge players deep into another world where they can face off against zombies, monsters, enemy soldiers, and athletes or explore places they’ve never been.

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