2015 Executive Committee

Tom ConteThomas M. Conte

2015 IEEE Computer Society President

Tom Conte is a well-known researcher in the field of computer architecture.  He is currently a Professor joint appointed in the Schools of Computer Science and Electrical & Computer Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology.  Read more >>


Roger FujiiRoger U. Fujii

2016 IEEE Computer Society President

Roger U. Fujii is president of Fujii Systems, an executive management service supporting the development and management of system solutions.  Read more >>



Dejan Milojicic

Dejan S. Milojicic

2014 IEEE Computer Society President

Dejan S. Milojicic is an established researcher with a full career in industry, and a long-term IEEE-CS volunteer. Read more >>



Liz BurdElizabeth L. Burd

First Vice President, Member and Geographic Activities Board

Professor Elizabeth (Liz) Burd is a Pro vice-Chancellor at the University of Newcastle, Australia. Liz teaches software engineering at undergraduate and graduate levels.  Read more >>



David Ebert

David S. Ebert

Seconf Vice President, Treasurer

David Ebert is the Silicon Valley Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University, a University Faculty Scholar, a Fellow of the IEEE.  Read more >>



Jean-Luc GaudiotJean-Luc Gaudiot

Vice President, Publications Board
2015 Board of Governors

Jean-Luc Gaudiot, a professor of electrical engineering and computer science at the University of California, Irvine, has served the Computer Society for many years in a variety of offices, which has given him experience in many activities of the Society. Read more >>


Don WrightForrest D. (Don) Wright

Vice President, Standards Activities Board

Don Wright is the President of Standards Strategies, LLC, an Information and Communication Technology standardization consulting firm.  Read more >>


Cecilia MetraCecilia Metra

2015 Board of Governors

Cecilia Metra is a professor of electronics at the University of Bologna, Italy, where she has worked since 1991 and from which she received a PhD in electronic engineering and computer science.   Read more >>


Phillip LaplantePhillip A. Laplante

Vice President, Technical and Conference Activities Board
2015 Board of Governors

Phillip Laplante, Professional Engineer, is a professor of software engineering and an affiliate professor of information sciences and technology at Pennsylvania State University. Read more >>


Charlene Chuck WalradCharlene "Chuck" Walrad

Vice President, Professional & Educational Activities Board

Charlene ("Chuck") Walrad utilizes advances in both computing and linguistics to produce a multilingual translation system still used by US Government agencies, multinational corporations, and the European Commission.  Read more >>


landSusan K. (Kathy) Land

2014-2015 IEEE Division V Director*

Susan K. (Kathy) Land is currently assigned as Deputy Program Manager for the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) supporting Command, Control, Battle Management, & Communications (C2BMC) in Huntsville, AL. Read more >>


harold javidHarold Javid

2015 IEEE Division V Director-Elect*

Harold Javid leads collaborations between Microsoft Research and leading universities. Harold’s team is also responsible for events such as the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit. Read more >>


John WalzJohn W. Walz

2015-2016 IEEE Division VIII Director*

John Walz is a 42-year IEEE member and has served the Computer Society since 1980, most recently as Computer Society President and Vice President for Technical & Conference Activities.  Read more >>


Angela R. BurgessAngela R. Burgess

Executive Director*

Angela R. Burgess has led the IEEE Computer Society since 2007. Under her leadership, the organization has launched a dynamic suite of compelling online products and services to meet the needs of today's computing professionals.  Read more >>



* Ex Officio, nonvoting members of the Executive Committee