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From the January 2016 issue

Reducing Snapshots to Points: A Visual Analytics Approach to Dynamic Network Exploration

By Stef van den Elzen, Danny Holten, Jorik Blaas, Jarke J. van Wijk

Featured articleWe propose a visual analytics approach for the exploration and analysis of dynamic networks. We consider snapshots of the network as points in high-dimensional space and project these to two dimensions for visualization and interaction using two juxtaposed views: one for showing a snapshot and one for showing the evolution of the network. With this approach users are enabled to detect stable states, recurring states, outlier topologies, and gain knowledge about the transitions between states and the network evolution in general. The components of our approach are discretization, vectorization and normalization, dimensionality reduction, and visualization and interaction, which are discussed in detail. The effectiveness of the approach is shown by applying it to artificial and real-world dynamic networks.

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