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David Alan Grier

Why We Must Meet: How Programmers Interact

By David Alan Grier, IEEE Computer Society Past-President

I have a hard time convincing people that the study of programming is interesting. Even many of my fellow IEEE members think that the idea is strange and cannot possibly lead to any useful knowledge. “What do you expect to learn,” one of them asked me in a taunting voice, “from the conclusion that some people like to program at night and others during the day? Or if they prefer Coca-Cola while they sit at a computer, or would rather drink tea?” I usually dismiss these questions by saying that I’m just interested in how people work. However, I think the real answer is deeper. More than any other form of production, programming reflects the way we organize ourselves and the way that we think about our relations to others. Read more




Computing Now

Radical Next-Gen Computing

Computing NowIn the past half century, driven by rapid, phenomenal advances in microelectronics closely following Moore’s law, computers of different kinds, forms, and shapes have evolved, redefined, and transformed almost everything we deal with. However, they still function on the same fundamental computational principles that Charles Babbage and Alan Turing envisaged and that John von Neumann and others subsequently refined. What’s in store for the next 50 years? Do the fundamental principles and assumptions that define modern computing—and that have guided us so far—require revolutionary rethinking? How might—and should—computing advance to address unmet demands and current and emerging challenges?

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