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David Alan Grier

The Learning Machine

By David Alan Grier, IEEE Computer Society Past-President

We have created a nearly impossible task in software development. We believe that development must be flexible and agile. We have to create software quickly and respond to the needs of the market. Yet, we also want a strong and stable software team that builds its members’ skills. We accept these contradictions without a second thought and without a plan to reconcile them. At best, experience teaches us that “all things are not for all people.” Part of a team might be flexible, and part might be stable; part might be responsive to the market, and part might be able to master the most demanding skills. The group’s strength might not be measured in the flexibility of individual members but in the agility of the team as a whole. Read more


Computing Now

Securing the Internet of Anything (IoA)

Computing NowAnalytics is generally defined as the discovery and multimodal communication of meaningful patterns in data that can be stored locally or in the cloud. Mobile analytics emphasizes lightweight discovery on mobile devices, computation balancing, and communication of meaningful patterns in sensed, observed, discovered, and computed data while on the move. Mobile analytics is concerned with data streams and query processing on mobile devices (such as smartphones) and adaptive distributed cooperation with cloud/fog-based resources. Cisco recently introduced fog computing to emphasize distributed processing of Internet of Things  (IoT) data including on-edge devices such as gateways, routers, and smartphones. Analytics includes the offline as well as online processing of data—potentially big data. Mobile data analytics comprises a set of tools that process, analyze, and visualize data originating from mobile devices and other sources (for example, social media and wireless sensor networks) and consumed by mobile devices while on the move.

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