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David Alan Grier

In E-commerce We Trust

By David Alan Grier, IEEE Computer Society Past-President

Perry didn’t blame e-commerce for putting him out of business. “There were a lot of factors,” he explained to me. “Retail has changed considerably since your grandfather owned the store.” Yet as we talked, I could clearly see that the forces of e-commerce had directly and indirectly contributed to the store’s demise. As he looked to the future, he was going to try to build a new business that better utilized computing technology, a business that would be built on the store’s capital and its reputation. Read more




Computing Now

Is the Application Layer Fueling Innovation in Storage Infrastructure?

Computing Now

Virtual communities take on many different forms — from the explicit, by-design communities that form discussion groups and forums to the implicit groups that develop organically in software development, online games, and the like. As technologies grow and change, easing some aspects of communication and neglecting others, these communities’ character and persistence can evolve and change, as well.

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