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David Alan Grier

Bridging the Great Divide

By David Alan Grier, IEEE Computer Society Past-President

Many difficult problems in computer science remain unsolved. Determining the relationship between P and NP—the problems that can be solved in polynomial time and those that cannot—is perhaps the most famous, but there are many others. What is the fastest way to multiply two matrices? Is it possible to factor an integer in polynomial time? Will we ever be able to get computer science researchers and computing practitioners to talk to each other peaceably? This last question describes the hardest issue that we face as a field. It will require us to acknowledge that we are a community that would like to believe is united by a technology, when we are in fact a group of workers divided by our methods of organizing knowledge. Read more




Computing Now

Are Our Electronic Circuits Getting Older?

Computing NowAccording to Moore’s law, the scaling of microelectronic technology allows for increasing system performance and complexity, thus paving the way for innovative applications that were unthinkable just a few years earlier. However, that same shrinking feature size increases the vulnerability of integrated circuits (ICs) to aging phenomena such as bias temperature instability (BTI), which pose new challenges for IC reliability.

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