Members Seek More Technology News

LOS ALAMITOS, Calif., 1 March, 2011 – Members have a strong appetite for technology news, and would like to see even more of it in the email newsletters they receive, according to a recent survey of IEEE Computer Society members' information preferences.
Nearly 3,000 of the Computer Society's nearly 85,000 members shared their opinions as part of the annual survey, which was conducted in February and intended to gather feedback to improve the relevance and timeliness of email communications sent to Society members.
Some 71 percent of respondents deemed "technology news" the most relevant type of information they receive. That compared to 12.7 percent who said "Computer Society news" was most relevant type of information they receive from the organization.
When asked what topics they'd like to see more of, Computing News (71.1 percent) beat out Educational Activities (34.6 percent), Conference Activities (26.4 percent), Chapters Activities (18.5 percent), Certification News (16.3 percent), and Student Activities (11.5 percent).
Laptops (79.8 percent) were the most popular devices for reading email, followed by desktops (64.7 percent), iPhones (18.3 percent), Androids (14.1 percent), netbooks (9.6 percent), and BlackBerries (7.6 percent).
In terms of new features, 56.1 percent said they would like to see more lists of most-read stories. Some 29.3 percent expressed an interest in better mobile rendering, followed by social networking (20.8 percent), special offers (20 percent), more blog content (16.5 percent), video (15.9 percent), and poll questions (9.1 percent).
Forty percent of respondents work in private industry, while 21.7 percent work for educational institutions and 12.3 percent are students. More than half reside in North America and nearly one-quarter live in Europe. Some 17.4 percent of respondents are software engineers and another 14.3 percent are professors or instructors.
The results echoed those of a 20-question December 2009 survey answered by more than 3,000 Society members.

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