Second Vice-President

Nominees for 2016 Second Vice President

Gregory Byrd

Gregory T. Byrd

Position statement.  This is an exciting time for the Computer Society. The pace of change in the industry continues, even accelerates, and the importance of computing is increasingly apparent to the public at large. The CS offers a diverse portfolio of services and products for members, and we must continue to innovate and evolve to remain the premier organization for computing professionals, researchers, and students. We can also be a leading source of information for those outside the profession and can inspire future generations of computer engineers and scientists.

The CS is volunteer-driven; we rely on the leadership and contributions of technical committees, editorial boards, conference committees, standards committees, and local chapters. The role of the Board of Governors is to support and enhance those efforts, and to invest in new initiatives that enable volunteers and staff to better fulfill the missions of the CS and IEEE. Together, we must continue to invent and exploit new technologies and modes for publishing, conferences, and education. We must support computing professionals at all stages of their education and careers, and recruit new generations of diverse and creative talent as members. Also, we must be good stewards of the CS’s reputation and resources, acting on behalf of the global community that we serve and represent.
My pledge is to support creative, sustainable efforts that will make the CS even more effective for all of our members and for the global computing community.

Biography. Gregory T. Byrd is professor and associate head of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC. He is a senior member of the IEEE Computer Society, a member of the CS Board of Governors (2015–2017), and a member-at-large of the Publications Board. He has served on the Audit Committee and the Constitution and Bylaws Committee, and was Plagiarism Chair for the Publications Board in 2012–2013. He is a member of the Computer editorial board, first as Associate Editor (2013–2014) and currently as editor of the Student Design Showcase column (2015).

Greg’s research is primarily in the area of parallel computer architecture. He received MS and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, and a BS in Computer Engineering from Clemson University. Prior to joining NC State, he worked at Celotek, MCNC, the NC Supercomputing Center, and Digital Equipment Corp. He has been general chair and program chair of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Design, and has served as reviewer and program committee member of several IEEE conferences and journals. He received the Outstanding Teacher Award from NC State’s ECE Department (2011) and College of Engineering (2012).

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Nita Patel

Nita Patel

Position statement. The IEEE Computer Society is a leader in computing technology and has a well-earned and highly-respected reputation for trusted standards, quality publications, innovative conferences, and dedicated volunteers. However, we are facing complex challenges within the Computer Society: challenges of budget constraints, slowing revenue, and fewer actively engaged members. I do not have all the solutions, answers, or ideas. However, we, the members, do. I believe strongly that we have the resources and talents within the Computer Society to solve these challenges and to continue to be the premier professional organization for computing technologists. 

As an active volunteer and manager, I have the leadership skills to encourage innovative solutions from our members, to identify those that align with our mission, and to nurture members to meet the challenges we will face in the next decade. I will bring a business-focused perspective and will apply my experience in communication and leadership to serve the Computer Society and help tackle the complex challenges we face. 
As second vice president, I will focus on the following:
  • Embracing innovative publication ideas such as interactive and individually curated content
  • Advancing innovative conference formats to better engage industry and young professionals
  • Enabling technical and professional engagement to strengthen membership within the Computer Society

Further information is available at

Biography.  Nita Patel, PE, serves on the Computer Society Board of Governors, chairing the engagement ad-hoc, Women in Computing Summit, and CS MGA outreach committee. She is on the Eta Kappa Nu Board of Governors. Patel chairs the IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Conference, which she launched in 2014 during her tenure as WIE chair.  She served as 2010–12 IEEE-USA VP of Communications & Public Awareness and launched the digital IEEE-USA in Action newsletter. 

Nita received the 2014 Larry K. Wilson Transnational Award for distinguished contributions to IEEE global activities through the creation, development, and implementation of the inaugural IEEE WIE International Leadership Conference; development of a comprehensive, multiyear strategic business plan; and expanding the global reach of the IEEE WIE mission to inspire, engage, and advance women in the field.
Outside IEEE, she is active with Toastmasters and the US Chess Federation. Nita received an MS in Computer Engineering (1998), BS in Electrical Engineering (1995), and BS in Mathematics (1995) from Southern Methodist University.  
Nita is the Systems and Software Engineering Director at L-3 Warrior Systems, where she was named the 2014 L-3 Engineer of the Year for her technical leadership.


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