Second Vice-President

Nominees for 2015 Second Vice President

Satish Babu

Satish Babu

Position statement.  While IEEE Computer Society enjoys a position of preeminence among IEEE's technical societies, it also faces a number of challenges, particularly ensuring sustainable membership growth, enhancing member services and value proposition, internationalizing operations, and enhancing socially relevant contributions.

For membership growth, it is important to consider expansion beyond our traditional geographies into emerging markets, particularly Brazil, India, and China. As a senior IEEE CS R10 volunteer, and also as a leader in CSI and ICANN, I will support global membership growth through innovative offerings, potentially including joint society memberships.

There is growing realization on the need for computer science education in schools. I will assist IEEE CS in designing and piloting programs for schools that  address the underlying fundamentals of programming and not just GUI-deep training.

We need to better engage with the recent global wave of technological innovation. As a long-term advocate of free/open source approaches, a supporter of startup enterprises professionally, and, as an entrepreneur myself, I will support the IEEE CS in determining the relevant services for innovators and startups and incorporating them into the membership package.

With my geographical and thematic backgrounds, I hope to enhance diversity within the CS leadership. Besides addressing our traditional stakeholders' needs, I also hope to make the IEEE CS more relevant to our non-traditional stakeholders—emerging markets, students, young professionals, startups, and innovators— and, in the process, achieve sustainable growth for us.

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Biography. Satish  Babu is presently Director, International Centre for Free and Open Source Software (ICFOSS), Kerala, India. During 2012–2013, he was President of the Computer Society of India (CSI), India's national society in computing that was founded in 1965.

Satish has worked in IEEE CS MGAB since 2009  in different positions, and is presently the vice chair (Awards and Recognition). In 2012, he founded the All India CS Student Congress, now in its third  year.  He was the first chair of IEEE SIGHT, and chair, IEEE Kerala Section (2011 and 2012).

He is a recipient of IEEE MGA Achievement Award (2013), IEEE CS Meritorious Service Award (2010, 2012), and the IEEE CS Golden Core Member Award  (2012).  He was  a member of the  IEEE CS NomCom in 2012. He was commended in the 2005 IEEE Annual Report for contributions after  the 2004  Tsunami.

Satish is a member of ICANN's 2014 NomCom and was elected vice chair of ICANN's Asia-Pacific  RALO ( June 2014).

Satish has been an entrepreneur, consultant, and development professional since 1984. He graduated from Kurukshetra University in the four-year degree program, and from the two-year postgraduate program in management Studies from IRMA, India.

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David Ebert

David S. Ebert

Position statement. With our rapidly changing society and profession, the Computer Society must be a technology, global policy, and professional leader. We must be agile and willing to adapt to the changing needs of our membership. We need to harness our membership's world-class expertise and innovation to provide international IT leadership, guidance, and direction. We must maintain our core values and highest quality of our products and services, while innovating to be market leaders in delivery of our products and services. As second vice president, I will lead this innovative excellence by first actively recruiting young members worldwide and engaging them as active Society volunteers to provide creative and responsive ideas, products, and services for our membership. Second, I will champion integrating, streamlining, and  bolstering our  various activities to create new, focused, valuable products for our diverse, global membership. Engineers, researchers, educators, and  students should all receive valuable benefits from their  membership. Moreover, we need to actively utilize  our members' world-class innovative results presented in our conferences and journals for education, services, and professional development. We need to adapt these advances to transform the way we do business, making us leaders in technology-delivered material and services to our membership. Our goal must be to provide innovation, service, and value to our membership throughout their  careers.

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Biography.  David S. Ebert has been actively engaged in Computer Society Board of Governors, conference, technical committee, and publication activities for over 10 years. Ebert has been Secretary of the Board of Governor's Executive Committee, Associate editor in chief, and editor in chief for IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, and an associate editor for IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications magazine. Ebert has been a member of the Computer Society Publications Board, IEEE Computer Society Integrity Chair, an Executive Committee member of the Visualization and  Graphics Technical Committee, and also on the ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee. He has been conference cochair, and papers cochair of nine Society co-sponsored conferences and led the IEEE Visualization and Analytics Science and Technology conference advisory board.

Ebert is the Silicon Valley Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University; and  Director of the Visual Analytics for Command Control and Interoperability Center, a Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence. He holds a PhD in computer science from  The Ohio State University and performs research in visualization, visual analytics, and computer graphics. Ebert is an IEEE Fellow and received the Golden Core member and Meritorious Service  Award for his Computer Society activities.



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