24 June 2015

Candidates Approved for 2015 IEEE Computer Society Election

The Board of Governors has approved the slate of candidates for the IEEE Computer Society 2015 election:

2016 President-Elect (2017 President)
 Jean-Luc Gaudiot Hironori Kasahara
2016 First Vice President
David Ebert Hausi Muller
2016 Second Vice President
Gregory Byrd Nita Patel
2016-2018 Terms on the Board of Governors
Hal Berghel Cecilia Metra
Ann DeMarle Paul Nikolich
Sven Dietrich 
Shmuel Shottan
Fred Douglis
Kunio Uchiyama
Vladimir Getov Andrew Wolfe
Bruce McMillin Stefano Zanero
The 2015 Computer Society election process will begin on Monday, 3 August 2015.  Visit the election site for more details.
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