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SWEBOK Certificate Program

SWEBOK Knowledge Area Review Courses

Software Engineering Requirements Software Management
Software Engineering Design Software Process
Software Engineering Construction Software Models and Methods
Software Engineering Testing Software Quality
Software Engineering Maintenance Software Engineering Economics
Software Configuration Management Software Project Management

Professional Development Courses
Continuing Education

IEEE Computer Society Certificates of Achievement can be accomplished through the completion of a professional development program or course. These certificates acknowledge completion of specific course requirements and assessments that are included in each course. Certificates of Achievement can be obtained for the following course topics: Security, Cloud Computing, High Performance Computing, and Multi-Core Video Lecture Series.

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TechLeader Quartos

  • Digital Data Grows into Big Data
  • Big Data Privacy in the Internet of Things
  • Inferring Mobile User Status with Usage Cues
  • Internet of Things Making the Hype a Reality
  • Internet of Things Perspectives
  • Application-Screen Masking A Hybrid Approach
  • Denial and Deception in Cyber Defense
  • Protecting Websites from Attack with Secure Delivery Networks

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