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CSDL Newsletter

Digital Library News Flash

Be the first to know when new articles appear in the Computer Society Digital Library. This monthly newsletter includes links from Computer Society magazines, transactions, and conference proceedings. The CSDL Newsletter is free to everyone.

Computing Now Newsletter

Computing Now

This weekly Computing Now eNewsletter informs subscribers of the latest technology news, peer-reviewed research, practical articles, and exciting commentary from industry.

Build Your Career

Build Your Career

Build Your Career, published bi-weekly, offers the latest career development news, job trends, and advice to guide today’s computing professional.

Member Connectoin

Computer Society Member Connection

Member Connection, published monthly, keeps members up to date on all of the new events, benefits, and standards of the IEEE Computer Society.

Big Data

Big Data Optimized

Big Data Optimized eNewsletter keeps you up-to-date on the latest technology developments, industry solutions and research that is driving big data.

Transactions Connection

Transactions Connections

This monthly Transactions Connection eNewsletter informs subscribers of the latest peer-reviewed, scholarly journals representing the best in all aspects of computer science, computer engineering, technology, and applications.

Computing Now