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March/April 2015

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From the Guest Editors

In an effort to bring some of the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy to a wider audience, IEEE Security & Privacy magazine's editorial board decided to devote one special issue each year to a reprise of selected papers from the symposium. Two articles address issues with anonymity. Three others provide a discussion of system security vulnerabilities and the challenges in large-scale untrusted systems. Finally, the last article discusses the unique vulnerabilities found in smart card payment systems. Read full article »

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IEEE Security & Privacy magazine provides articles with both a practical and research bent by the top thinkers in the field along with case studies, tutorials, columns, and in-depth interviews and podcasts for the information security industry.

Articles from IEEE Security & Privacy

Never Mind Pearl Harbor-What about a Cyber Love Canal?

Never Mind Pearl Harbor — What about a Cyber Love Canal?

Focusing on malicious attacks on the current infrastructure might be distracting us from another looming challenge: the risk to emerging infrastructure due to carelessness. Read full article »

Understanding Cybercrime from Its Stakeholders' Perspectives: Part 1--Attackers

Understanding Cybercrime from Its Stakeholders' Perspectives: Part 1 — Attackers

Although cybercrime is rampant, there is no authoritative definition of the term and all that it implies. A comprehensive model and taxonomy of cybercrime, including all of its stakeholders, would contribute to better cybersecurity. Part one of this two-part series explores attackers and their motives in detail. Read full article »


Authentication at Scale

Arguing that it's time to give up on elaborate password rules, Google Vice President of Security Eric Grosse and engineer Mayank Upadhyay present a better way to achieve stronger user identification. Read full article »


Silver Bullet Security Podcast with Gary McGraw

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Bart Preneel
On the 109th episode of The Silver Bullet Security Podcast, Gary is joined by Bart Preneel. Preneel is a full professor at the KU Leuven, one of the oldest universities in the world. They discuss the differences in approaches to security between the EU and the US, what the picture of building security in looks like around the world, quantum cryptography, and the implications of the Snowden revelations on cryptography. They close out their chat discussing Preneel’s Dixieland band. More podcast episodes »