Privacy & Security

Jan.–Mar. 2015

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Privacy and security issues might very well be the greatest barrier to creating a ubiquitously connected world. The articles in this special issue show that addressing such concerns will require not only efficient algorithms and secure protocols but also usable interfaces and socially compatible designs. Furthermore, researchers with a strong interdisciplinary interest will need to look for the non-obvious solutions. Read article »

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Articles from IEEE Pervasive Computing

Biosignals for Everyone

Biosignals for Everyone

Physical computing has spun a true global revolution in the way that the digital world now interfaces with the physical one. From Twitter-controlled Christmas trees to bicycle jackets with turn signal lights, the do-it-yourself movement is driving endless innovations and stimulating an age of creative engineering. The authors present a novel development platform that extends the principles of physical computing to the physiological domain, changing the way in which projects and applications involving physiological data can be made. Read full article »

How Wearables Worked their Way into the Mainstream

How Wearables Worked their Way into the Mainstream

Thad Starner, who has been wearing a "homebrew" computer with a head-up display as part of his daily life since 1993, discusses why it has taken so long for wearables to capture consumer interest. He discusses the various challenges of designing wearable systems and presents five different phases of head-mounted displays, illustrating how improvements in technology allowed progressively more useful and usable devices. Read full article »


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