Smart Spaces

Apr.–June 2015

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Physical spaces are packed with opportunities, complexities, and of course, people. Many business and social opportunities are missed, and complexities can highly degrade people's experiences in these spaces. Pervasive computing has yet to be widely exploited in physical spaces in the same way that the ubiquitous Web and smartphones have been exploited--effectively revolutionizing the way we interact with others, work, and conduct our daily lives. With the advent of the Internet of Things as a major force of change in industry and the rise of wearable computing for consumers, the time is right for revisiting the notion of a smart space. The articles in this special issue consider new technologies and approaches for developing pervasive smart spaces. Read article »

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Articles from IEEE Pervasive Computing

Living Labs for Pervasive Healthcare Research

Living Labs for Pervasive Healthcare Research

Living laboratories are real-life settings with embedded heterogeneous technology, where subjects can conduct their everyday activities while researchers measure and observe their interactions with pervasive technology. Read full article »

Security and Privacy Implications of Pervasive Memory Augmentation

Security and Privacy Implications of Pervasive Memory Augmentation

Pervasive technology can support human memory augmentation, but there are privacy and security implications that need to be addressed and understood moving forward. Read full article »


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