Wearable Computing

Oct.–Dec. 2014

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Wearables have been with us for a long time, and they're here to stay. Their capabilities and our expectations change with time, but many of the basic problems remain. This issue touches on designing for unpredictable human behavior, positioning sensors, powering wearables without removing the device from the body, and providing text input on very small displays. Read article »

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IEEE Pervasive Computing explores the many facets of pervasive and ubiquitous computing with research articles, case studies, product reviews, conference reports, departments covering wearable and mobile technologies, and more.

Articles from IEEE Pervasive Computing

How Wearables Worked their Way into the Mainstream

How Wearables Worked their Way into the Mainstream

Thad Starner, who has been wearing a "homebrew" computer with a head-up display as part of his daily life since 1993, discusses why it has taken so long for wearables to capture consumer interest. He discusses the various challenges of designing wearable systems and presents five different phases of head-mounted displays, illustrating how improvements in technology allowed progressively more useful and usable devices. Read full article »

Smartphones: Past, Present, and Future

Smartphones: Past, Present, and Future

What's next for smartphones? In this look at the evolution of the smartphone, the authors focus on six trends poised to strongly influence future smartphones: personal computing, the Internet of Things, multimedia delivery, low power operation, wearable computing, and context awareness. Read full article »


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