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May/June 2015

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This issue presents 12 articles that describe novel, exciting research directions in areas as diverse as reconfigurable logic, hardware acceleration, design for correctness and verification, nonvolatile memories, high-throughput computing, and programmability enhancing frameworks. For the first time, this edition also recognizes a selection of honorable mention papers, work which the selection committee felt deserved broad attention, but which unfortunately could not be included in this issue. READ FULL ARTICLE »

About IEEE Micro

IEEE Micro focuses on computers and peripherals; systems, components, and subassemblies; communications, instrumentation and control equipment; and software. Micro brings together top research from some of the leading microarchitects and scholars from around the world.

Articles from IEEE Micro

Hot Chips 26

Hot Chips 26

This overview of the invited papers from the Hot Chips 26 conference will give you an advance look into the upcoming trends in the industry. Read full article »

Ivy Bridge Server: A Converged Design

Ivy Bridge Server: A Converged Design

Intel has built a CPU that functions in everything from high-end desktops to mission-critical computing. The Ivy Bridge (IVB) microarchitecture code supports a wide variety of products and is still power, performance, and cost efficient. Read full article »


Podcast: Micro Economics

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An Honest Policy Wonk
This podcast addresses regulatory capture, examining when the regulatory environment works in spite of it due to the presence of an honest policy wonk. More Micro Economics Podcast »