IT-Enabled Business Innovation

March/April 2015

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To qualify as truly innovative, new IT applications must successfully achieve customer value cocreation, adoption, and acceptance. Without this, a new technology isn't an innovation; it's just a failed product or service that didn't gain traction. We're now well into an era in which significant competitive advantage is achievable from IT-enabled business innovation. This special issue was conceived as a vehicle for understanding some of today's issues and for looking at opportunities for tomorrow. The authors' contributions in all the articles have implications for IT-enabled innovations that go beyond the immediate application settings on which they report. A video discussing emerging service innovations is available at Read full article »

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Articles from IT Professional

Big Data and IT-Enabled Services: Ecosystem and Coevolution

Big Data and IT-Enabled Services: Ecosystem and Coevolution

Take a look at Big Data’s evolution and application as a service-oriented resource and the disruptive IT-enabled innovation it creates. Read full article »

Securing Health Information

Securing Health Information

With such widespread adoption of the use of electronic health records, this article addresses the job of securing those records in a world where data access is increasingly mobile. Read full article »


IT Enhances Football at World Cup 2014

Advanced technology provides greater accuracy in analysis of World Cup play. Read full article »

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Submission deadline: 17 January 2015